Amy’s Christmas Advert Round-Up

This year is drawing to a close and the Christmas campaigns have been running since November. Amy has given us a roundup of her 2019 festive favourites from well-known brands and retailers. Unfortunately, she hasn’t been able to watch them all due to copious Netflix watching and never actually watching TV.


Kevin the carrot has become a firm favourite Christmas character of mine since he first surfaced in 2016! I couldn’t wait to see what Aldi would create for this year’s ad and they no doubt delivered with the ‘Aldi Christmas Show’.

Aldi’s 70 second advert uses a much-loved (and hilariously worded) soundtrack to tell the story about Kevin the Carrot who confronted an angry bunch of Sprouts AKA ‘The leafy Blinders’ who were looking to turn their orange enemy into a… salad!

Kantar has claimed Aldi’s Christmas campaign as the most powerful in its category.

Viewers rated it highest overall across the seven ‘ingredients’ that make an ad effective. ‘Amazing Christmas Show’ is this year’s most ‘different’ and ‘emotional’ ad, and is among the top performers on ‘enjoyable’, ‘attention-grabbing’, and ability to create love for the brand.


Christmas isn’t Christmas without a tear-jerking ad.  At the top of the ranks is ‘Holiday – The Surprise’ by Apple. At just over 3 minutes long the premise is a family coming together to provide comfort after a loss. The starting scene is very much Home alone-esque (remember that scene on the flight where they’re too busy to notice Kevin is missing?) and the iPad comes in handy to distract their children whilst travelling. Towards the end of the ad it becomes clear what the children have been doing on the iPad – creating a family video featuring their late grandmother that they present to their grandfather on Christmas day.

Parents can often get a bad rep for handing their kids an iPad to keep them busy, but this ad takes a different tact. It focuses on how the iPad isn’t only used for mindless YouTubing and wasting time, it can be used to create something useful, memorable and timeless!


Our favourite Alien is back on earth 37 years after ET was first released! 

The ad features the original cast member who is now a grown adult with his two children greeting ET. During his stay they spend time together watching movies, playing computer games and using the internet.

The key proposition of the ad is to ‘reconnect this Christmas’ and Sky have demonstrated how simple this can be through calling and messaging over the festive season.  

Made in collaboration with Universal Pictures,  since it was first released a longer four minute clip has been release which shows even more adventures ET had whilst back on Earth. 

This brings back so much nostalgia and will resonate with all who loved the film!

You can see the extended cut here:

M&S – Follow up of Christmas jumpers (Pyjamas)

I love a brand that’s on the ball with reactive marketing!  This lively ad by M&S was a follow up to its first ad ‘Go Jumpers’ which promoted their Christmas Jumper collection. The 30 second clip shows people dancing round to ‘Jump Around’ by House of Pain wearing Christmassy PJ’s (including the good old red tartan PJ’s that everybody must have received at least once in their lifetime). It wasn’t a planned advert, but after the huge response to the first ad, they decided to keep their signature look and feel but with a different product focus.

M&S clothing and home marketing director, Nathan Ansell stated: “For millions of customers, nothing says Christmas like some new pyjamas, so we’re really excited for the next part of our campaign which backs another big commercial category for us.

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