SteadyGo’s Best of the Web – 02/02/2018



I just don’t understand how someone would think this was acceptable work for any kind of money, never mind $250. I mean it’s hilarious but also terrifying in the level of idiocy on display here.

Photographer is delusional


Bloody cats.




Last week I mentioned/mocked Leeds United’s attempts at a new club crest and commented how “Gaviscon for Fascists” was the best description I’d heard for it.

Well, Gaviscon’s marketing team had also noticed the similarity and ran this ad on social media only a few days later.

Very well done.


It’s common knowledge that the sun damages our skin, but this is a fascinating example of it.

But that’s not going to stop me craving the summer.




If you fancy spending 3 minutes with your heart in your mouth, then watch 3 minutes of athletic lunatics throwing themselves off Hong Kong rooftops:


How deep have humans dug underground?




Trump has amazed and astounded myself and the planet many times in the past couple of years but I think this speech has to take the biscuit:


Edging ever closer to becoming a legit evil genius Hank Scorpio Elon Musk has revealed his latest product the flame thrower unfortunately he hasn’t quite brought the innovation he did with the electric car, maybe to ensure that everyone else has an inferior flamethrower…




3 years of textiles classes at school didn’t teach me anything as useful as this 20 second clip has. If you need me this weekend I shall be stitching Iron Maiden patches onto all the unbranded items of clothing I can find.


Good to see Star Wars 9 is shaping up nicely.




This is why you shouldn’t try to act cool in front of your mates, on someone elses car.


I have seen some very quick footballers in the 20 years I have been watching football, but this guy has to be the fastest. He’s like the human version of roadrunner. This is not sped up. At max speed, he’s roughly going 26 mph or 12 meters per second



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