Business Travel

As well as the main SteadyGo office in Leeds, we have an office in Portsmouth to service clients in the south.


Occasionally we have to travel between the two. This trip used to be done by various trains or hire cars until we realised that flying from Leeds Bradford to Southampton was actually a lot more efficient and cost effective.


I did one such trip on Monday. We fly with Eastern Airways, and the old fashioned service they offer always makes me smile. The flights are fairly cheap when booked in advance, so you’d expect a low cost airline type flight, but it’s much more like you’d imagine business travel in the 1980s.


The planes have quite dated leather seats, like an old Volvo. You get offered a hard boiled sweet on takeoff and landing. And, even though the flight is no longer than 45 minutes in total, in the 10 minutes that the seatbelt sign isn’t illuminated the trolley is brought round and you are offered complimentary drinks and snacks (even alcohol).


Pretty much every passenger is wearing a suit. Except me. I like to try and guess what business they are all involved in. I tell myself that if they were to do the same to me they’d think I was a student, though they’re probably just thinking “There’s one of those creative types trying to look young”.


They’d be right.

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