Go Steady Gin

Here at SteadyGo we love gin and websites, so last year when we got to work with Leeds Gin on their new site, it was a natural fit. As usual though, we decided we wanted to take things further and create our own gin.

Which we did.

Sort of.


We asked Leeds Gin to make us a special limited edition batch of their finest gin – 16 unmarked bottles to be exact. We then set about coming up with a brand for our gin. Having settled on the name Go Steady, which is a play on our own name and a bit of drinking advice for good measure, we designed the packaging, website, and other brand assets.




The plot twist to all this was that those 16 bottles of Go Steady Gin would be the only bottles ever produced and, though we created a website, Go Steady would never actually be available to buy. The whole concept was actually a marketing awareness stunt for ourselves to demonstrate our digital, brand, design, creative and copywriting skills, and the 16 bottles were given out as Christmas presents to our clients.



The bottles were neatly wrapped and sent out in time for Christmas, with a gift tag reading “Merry Christmas from SteadyGo. P.S. Go Steady…” to create some intrigue before being unwrapped.

Once the website was live, and the gin had been delivered we began to advertise Go Steady on social media through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We promoted the Twitter post over the course of a day to maximize its reach.


All 16 bottles of Go Steady arrived at their intended destinations in one piece, and went down (pun intended) very well indeed. The whole exercise was a huge success, it involved everyone in the agency in one way or another, it was well received by clients and potential clients alike, and created loads of awareness for us as an agency.

Check out the GoSteady website here.



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