Grow my brain


We are extremely proud to announce the launch of a client’s local health campaign: Grow My Brain – launched on 14th Feb 2019: Valentines Day.  Our client is Medway Council (A Better Medway).

What’s it all about?

It has long been recognised that interactions between parents and children such as talking, cuddling and singing, helps to form a greater sense of attachment. There is increasing scientific evidence that such simple parent-child interactions – and the loving, secure and stable environment they help to create – aren’t just ‘good practice’, but have significant physiological benefits upon the development of babies’ brains.

Entitled Grow My Brain, the campaign seeks to encourage parents and other family members to interact with their children more. It features a mixture of animations and still images with hand-illustrated characters of parents and children to depict examples of positive parent-child interaction.

The animations are accompanied by a voiceover that uses a child’s voice to invoke a greater emotional response from the audience, and the messaging explains the significant but invisible benefits that simple interactions can have on baby brain development.

The roots of the campaign came from within the Midwifery team at Medway Foundation Trust: the ‘Grow My Brain’ concept came to a midwife one evening and another staff member, who happens to be a really good illustrator, was able to produce the original characters.

So the whole campaign creative idea was devised by the front line people who are directly concerned with early childhood development.  Just brilliant.

What did we do?

As the key delivery agency, our role was really bringing the creative concept through to fruition within a short time frame; project managing and leading on the creation of the campaign messaging, communications plan, animations and collateral designs.

Working closely with our client and partner agencies together we scripted and produced 8 animations that each have a single message.  We then produced supporting posters and stickers.

This was done through a very collaborative approach over just 4 months across three different client organisations, and some very talented suppliers.

What was the result?

The main goal of the campaign is to influence local new parents’ behaviour so that their babies have a better start in life.  There are a range of metrics being used to measure the campaign’s impact over the next year.  However, what we can say now is the launch event was very inspiring and we’re very pleased with the gorgeous animations, sticker designs and poster designs we’ve produced with our partner agencies.

Love me, grow my brain

Read to me, grow my brain


Sticker design


Poster design


Launch event

I attended and briefly spoke the launch event on the 14th February.  Here’s a pic of the Midwifery team who will be delivering the Grow My Brain messaging to local prospective and new parents:

We are so proud to have been involved with this campaign.  It has a tremendously positive message at its core that will help children yet to be born have a better start in life.  We learned lots on the way, like small children have trouble with the word ‘brain’ and that a placement of the ‘pop’ in the animation makes a big difference to getting the right message balance!


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