How to make your photos look good – Part 2


It’s been a good while since the first part of this guide to making your photo’s look better, you can find the first part here:

In this second part we will be looking a bit more at the framing technique I discussed in the last post which is called “The rule of thirds”, a tried and tested concept especially in photography for making your pictures more aesthetically pleasing.

You may have noticed on your camera or smartphone (If you use one) that you can enable a 3 x 3 grid of lines on your screen when using your camera app. This is to help you compose pictures by using “The rule of thirds”.

Say for instance you are taking a picture of a landscape and want the majority of the focus to be on the sky then line up the bottom horizontal line with the horizon. If you want the majority of the focus to be on the land then line the top grid line with the horizon. Is there an object in the foreground of your picture, maybe a house, tree, person etc, make sure that object is roughly on either the left or right sets of grid lines to give your photograph maximum aesthetic quality by means of adding more interest in the other aspects of the picture, such as the background or something to the left or right of the main subject.

These photo’s of yours truly and Paul, one of SteadyGo’s hotshot developers, shows the rule of thirds example in landscape portraits. Given a slight “Dutch angle” which is when the camera is tilted on it’s horizontal axis, the resulting images are given an almost cinematic look.

You can do this with anything, people, pets, buildings, trees…telegraph poles? Anything that can be placed over those left or right hand grid lines. This technique can be applied to other mediums such and film, painting and even sculpture. Try it out and you will find that your photography skills just leveled up!



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