I πŸ’– Umbraco Cloud

If you’ve read any of our other blog posts you can probably tell we love Umbraco here at SteadyGo. The CMS is easy to use with a plethora of features, it’s well thought out API’s and code structure allows our developers to easily extend its functionality and it’s fast and secure. That’s just the CMS however, we also use Umbraco Cloud.

Umbraco runs on the .NET framework, this usually means hosting it on a Windows server(s) and setting up deployments and content syncing. This can be quite time consuming to get right initially but once you’re all set up makes for a smooth workflow.

Umbraco saw people struggling with this and decided to create their own cloud based hosting infrastructure, after all they know best what makes an Umbraco site tick! Backed by the Microsoft Azure platform their cloud offering gives you all the benefits of automated deployments based on Git, automated CMS upgrades, instant staging and development environments and the scale-ability and security of Azure without the set up hassle.

They also have top notch support for the cloud platform with someone always on hand to help out! If you need any help with setting up or migrating your site to Umbraco cloud give us a shout and we will get in touch.

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