My First Week At SteadyGo


Travel… Induction…New Starter… Parking… Traffic… Meetings…

All of the above are a-c-t-u-a-l words that I have used in my first week at SteadyGo. I have in fact travelled to work, been in traffic, parked AND travelled home again. I have attended new starter inductions, meetings, and been introduced to and met clients in Leeds and London.

For a first week it has definitely been a busy one, playing catch up is always inevitable when you’re a newbie. I’ve been making sure to listen more than I speak which for me is a MASSIVE challenge. I’m still not completely on top of getting the perfect brew but I’ll keep making substandard ones until I’m told to stop, or I somehow get the measurements correct.

Rather than write down a diary-esque retelling of my first week I thought it would be easier to list the things I’ve learned, who doesn’t like a listicle… right??


  1. Where to park so I don’t get told off for parking in the visitor’s spaces.
  2. A short cut through the building so I don’t have to walk extra steps to get to my car or the shops or be healthy.
  3. There is a shouty man in the post office but if you tell him what you want he leaves you alone.
  4. There are some great value lunches/pastries around Farsley that taste good too.
  5. There are many different speed limits and cameras on to way to and from Farsley, give yourself far too much time to get anywhere.
  6. I’m allowed to bring my dog to work.
  7. It may be a long way to Tipperary but spending 6 hours getting trains (that’s right – plural) from Kent to Leeds is worse.
  8. MAC and it’s OS just don’t want me to succeed in life and constantly delete skype which is a lifeline at SteadyGo.
  9. On that note, Skype has many more features than I realised and when my MAC actually functions correctly they are very convenient.
  10. The office is Baltic while outside is deceptively warm, except when it’s raining, well I haven’t figured it out, more an observation really but you know, weather…
  11. I have a window seat #coolkid.
  12. There is a pool table.
  13. Contrary to my University days, I am NOT as good as I thought I was.
  14. One director who shall remain nameless will ambush you with Tootsie rolls/pops/artificially sweetened American made food stuffs.
  15. You can choose which music you want to play during the day – choose carefully, much like the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow, the choice is subjective.
  16. I’m allowed bring my dog to work, deserves to be mentioned twice I think.
  17. There are some great campaigns I can’t wait to support in being brought to life, watch this space.
  18. The lads are all sound and helpful in their own special way.
  19. Second last is always tough to think of, so this is what I’ve written instead.
  20. I’m looking forward to what I’ll achieve alongside the team in the future.
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