SteadyGo Q&A: Alex Sedman, Account Executive


1.What is your background experience as an Account Executive and what did you do before joining SteadyGo?


I’ve been an Account Executive at SteadyGo since 2016 and have managed both full project deliveries and ongoing client accounts for numerous clients and business sectors.


Before joining SteadyGo I worked as a manager at Marks & Spencer and a team leader in the British Army.


2.What does the role of Account Executive entail?


I’m responsible for the day to day management of our client accounts. This entails liaising with clients to gather requirements, writing specifications and briefs, booking in and managing work in our studio and presenting back to the client.


I also manage full client projects from the initial brief, through specification and wireframing, design, development to the final delivery of the project, then into ongoing support and SEO.


3.What is your process of working when taking on a project, and are there any methods you find particularly useful?


We will generally have an initial meeting or call to gather requirements. From here we can put together a specification to lay out exactly what’s required for the project. Working with the various departments within SteadyGo and our partners, we can then produce an estimate of costings and timeframes to share with the client. If the estimate is approved, further calls and meetings are undertaken to understand the in depth requirement for each stage of the project, such as design or development and the work is booked in to studio.


I’ve found the biggest help when working on projects is to use online project management tools such as Asana or Basecamp. This allows you to keep track of every aspect of the project and ensures nothing gets missed or forgotten.


4.What do you find to be the most challenging aspect of your role at SteadyGo?


Ensuring nothing goes wrong with a project and deadlines are adhered to can become stressful.


5.What do you find to be the most rewarding aspect of your role at SteadyGo?


Seeing projects go from conception all the way through to a finished product is very rewarding, especially when the client is satisfied.


6.What advice would you give to anyone wanting to follow your particular career path?


Good time management and a solid understanding of the product or service you are offering is essential, as well as honesty and approachability towards the client.

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