SteadyGo Q&A: Daniel Connolly, Junior Developer

1.What is your background experience in development and what did you do before joining SteadyGo?

 I’ve worked in a number of different industries before getting back into education as a mature student at the University of Huddersfield. I studied Computing and received a first class BSC (Hons). During my studies I undertook a one-year work placement in Florence, Italy and the main duties for this role were to provide first level IT support at a University.

Once I had completed my undergraduate studies, I applied for a Junior Web Developer position at SteadyGo!


2.What does the role of developer entail?

 The main aspects are to enhance and develop new and existing functionality on our clients’ websites. I do a mixture of support tasks (maintenance) and write new code for web projects that have been created by our other developers, this can at times be a real challenge but rewarding.


3.What is your process of working when taking on a project, and are there any methods you find particularly useful?

 Having just started this role in the Summer of 2019 and graduating from University at the same time, I have adopted a number of new working methods not taught in University, but are used extensively in the industry. For example “continuous development”, this method of deploying web projects was a new method of work I had not encountered before.

One method I learnt during my undergraduate studies and that I use regularly is resolving issues in a logical way. This helps when implementing new functionality into the projects I maintain.


4.What do you find to be the most challenging aspect of your role at SteadyGo?

 Balancing my workload and dealing with the volume of information I receive on a daily basis. Working with real clients and working to a deadline can be a very challenging but rewarding aspect to my role.


5.What do you find to be the most rewarding aspect of your role at SteadyGo?

 When I have contributed to some new functionality and the client is happy with the results.


6.What advice would you give to anyone wanting to follow your particular career path?

 Only follow this career path if you have a genuine passion for writing code because this is the fundamental aspect of my role at SteadyGo. Also be prepared to learn programming languages and new technologies that you have never encountered before due to the fact this is a rapidly growing industry.

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