SteadyGo Q&A: J.D Richardson – QA & Comms manager


1.What is your background experience as a QA & Comms manager and what did you do before joining SteadyGo?

My higher education was at leeds college of Art & Design and Bradford uni doing photography. Before starting at SteadyGo in 2016, I had worked mainly in e-commerce, firstly managing the online part of a large stock company (including social media) and then the Leeds based shoe retailer, Garage shoes. Before this I had various jobs in call centers and admin positions and even worked as a video games journalist for a few years which involved co-hosting a monthly podcast, which was tremendous fun…because we usually recorded it drunk.


2.What does the role of QA & Comms manager entail?

As QA & Comms manager, my responsibilities include heading up the testing for all projects we do at SteadyGo and making sure all finished products are as bug free as possible before releasing to the client and then making sure all after care client changes are working correctly. That’s the Q&A part. The Comms part is managing all the social media accounts, blog and online marketing campaigns for the agency.


3.What is your process of working when taking on a project, and are there any methods you find particularly useful?

 When taking on a testing project it’s best to be prepared and to do this we have a comprehensive testing regime which covers pretty much all angles when testing a new project from scratch. Everything else is gathering as much information as possible about a particular issue that may have arisen to be able to fully understand what may or may not have gone wrong. You can see our testing regime here for more info. In regards to social media a solid three month schedule is always a good idea, take some time to plan out posts in advance and also make a social media calendar and fill as many days over the three months with ideas for content as you can and then you should always have something to post on the slow days with nothing solid planned out.


4.What do you find to be the most challenging aspect of your role at SteadyGo?

Coming up with regular original content for the social media channels is a challenging task that requires a lot of consideration, a social media content calendar can help with this as stated in the answer above. The most challenging part of testing comes from the sheer size of some projects, when you have to test a website with a hundred pages over and over again on all the popular browsers and mobile devices it can be a bit of a grind and a test of patience.


5.What do you find to be the most rewarding aspect of your role at SteadyGo?

When a project is fully completed and signed off by the client, they are happy and I can breathe a sigh of relief. That’s always a rewarding feeling. Also when a social media campaign is successful and we can see the numbers going up every day is a satisfying feeling.


6.What advice would you give to anyone wanting to follow your particular career path?

Well this particular career path i’m on at the moment is a funny one because it’s essentially two career paths rolled into one, neither of which I saw myself doing as I approach my 40th birthday as I was on a completely different course in my early 30’s. I kind of just fell into this 4 years ago and not really looked back since. It’s a difficult one because i’m not sure it’s too common for these two roles to be “rolled” into one if you pardon the pun. I’d say if you want to get into testing then learn about all the different elements of testing, making a solid testing plan, automated testing with things like Ghost Inspector, site performance testing etc and you will have the edge before you even start. Social media is a complex beast and one that requires constant adaptation, what was relevant last month will most likely not be relevant this month. You constantly have to be trying to expand your audience but only in specific ways to your business, otherwise it’s pointless. Learning the actual business tools for various social media platforms is a must and it can be challenging as they can become quite complex and if you have more than one platform to manage it can quickly become unmanageable.



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