Staff Q&A: Bex the SteadyGo Account Manager


1: What is your background experience as an account manager and what did you do before joining SteadyGo?


I have done quite a lot in a short space of time that I am really very proud of. I have lived and worked in Dublin (where I’m from), Vancouver, London and Leeds. I graduated from UCD with an Honours BA degree and I have worked for global companies like Victoria’s Secret, Estee Lauder and L’Oreal in sales, as a product specialist and a visual merchandiser. I am also an ITEC qualified SFX, theatrical and media makeup artist with experience in television and published editorials.


I am a chartered marketer and have worked client side for the past few years in the recruiting and healthcare sectors. I am currently studying part-time for an Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) and working full time at SteadyGo. I have managed, coached and mentored teams and individuals from across the world to succeed.


2: What does the role of account manager entail?


An account manager needs to be dependable and have a team to depend on. One cannot succeed without the other. Being organised is part of the role but understanding the client is the most important part. Understanding your client comes from maintaining a relationship: getting to know them, how they work, their busy and slow times, who the decision-making unit is and of course their overall project and business goals.


3: What is your process of working when taking on a project, and are there any methods you find particularly useful?


I prefer to spend the largest amount of time in the discovery phase, this is where all the information is gathered, ideas are suggested in a collaborative way, and the results achieved quickly – it will save so much time and increase the overall project profitability. Listening to what the client wants and enhancing their ideas. After you confirm what the client wants then capacity planning can begin, this should be done slowly and as a team so that every member is aware of the overall project and at their individual level, this allows for a smooth process, less confusion and the project delivered on time.


4: What do you find to be the most challenging aspect of your role at SteadyGo?


Being a micro company, there are strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. Everyone needs to go above and beyond what their role entails. This in itself, presents a challenge, so time management will always be a focus and opportunity. Responding to clients is a strength, we can be attentive to our clients as they need us and always come up with a solution that benefits the client in the long term not just a short-term fix.


5: What do you find to be the most rewarding aspect of your role at SteadyGo?


When clients can call me up and know that we can talk through all aspects of their project because when I talk to them they have my full attention. I wouldn’t have a role without the clients. Client relationships depend on interaction and co-creation of value, nothing can be sustainable or achieved without that mutual respect.


6: What advice would you give to anyone wanting to follow your particular career path?


I would recommend researching Waterfall versus Agile management if you are an account manager for technology companies, it will give you a great foundation for project processes before you start, and it will support you as you are learning the agency side ropes.

I would recommend that you gain experience working with a client, so you can see how agencies treat you. You will learn some great ways to interact with suppliers and plenty of lessons on how you want to be treated as a client that you can take with you when you take the leap to the agency side.


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