SteadyGo Weekly Round-Up 21

This week there’s a right eclectic mix of stories, advice and… well, other stuff from the SteadyGo team.



Holiday Hacks

Last weekend was Easter, which has a Friday and Monday bank holiday. Clever/crafty people like me, take the Thursday and Friday off the week after which results in a 2 day working week and another 4 day long weekend. This is an ultra-hack for using just 2 days holiday AND the bonus of not having to complete the arduous task of editing the weekly blog post today because I’ll probably still be in bed, hurrah!



This week I’ve found myself having the same album on repeat so I thought for my blog post I might as well share my soundtrack for the week. Mastodon’s Emperor of Sand is the album I’ve been spinning pretty much constantly for the past few days, and I couldn’t recommend it enough if you’re looking for something on the heavier side this weekend. The album sounds like if Metallica and Rush had a love child, combining prog structures with those stereotypical heavy metal guitar riffs, and that’s what I like in my music. It might not be to everyone’s taste but it’s definitely been mine this week.




Costa Del Leeds

My bank holiday was a combination of spending way too much money, eating and drinking copious amounts of various alcoholic beverages. On the Sunday, we had a bank holiday/birthday/bbq party at mine. Due to the terrible weather, it consisted of no barbeque, day time drinking, plenty of fun drinking games followed by crappy games no one had heard of followed by pissed people making noise and mess before eventually leaving for a night out.

Here’s a picture of the cleared and cleaned flat before people arrived.

(People did turn up… honestly)


Don’t turn up hungover to kid’s birthday parties

A year ago I went to my friend’s daughter’s first birthday party. I’d been out the night before and so turned up feeling slightly (very) delicate. I didn’t see this as a problem as I envisaged a relaxing afternoon of junk food.

I was wrong. I’d failed to take into account that there’d be other kids at the party. It seems obvious now, and it did as soon as I was greeted by a wall of screaming children (they probably weren’t screaming at all to be fair), but it just never crossed my mind beforehand.

It was hard work, but my girlfriend and I curled up in the corner and powered through (mainly due to the effort the hosts had put in and all the chocolate and cake on offer).

Last weekend was the girl’s second birthday party, and my god did I plan for it. I didn’t go out the night before, I arrived feeling fresh, and I’d intentionally not eaten beforehand so that I could make the most of the party food.

What I’d totally missed last year was that there’s still the option to drink alcohol at these things. What a revelation this was. The party started with the adults drinking at a steady, respectable pace and gradually, as the kids either left or went to bed, the drinking went up a notch until we got to a normal adult party level. It was great.

So what I’m saying is, don’t turn up hungover to kid’s birthday parties… get smashed while you’re there instead.



I got some new bling

You may have noticed my absence from the last couple of SteadyGo weeklies but have no fear, I’m back!

I was away for two weeks between Jersey and Portugal getting married and then heading straight out on my honeymoon. It’s been a wonderful couple of weeks and after falling fortunate with the weather I am now well and truly sunburnt.

If you ever get to the Algarve, Portugal here are my top 3 things to do!

  • Swim with Dolphins at ZooMarine – I was dubious of this, but my wife pushed me to do it. It was incredible, absolutely incredible. The seal show there is a great half hour too!
  • Get wet at the Slide & Splash water park – If you’re feeling particularly brave I would definitely recommend going on The Big Wave. If you think you’re brave, go down backwards. I’m not ashamed to say I screamed.
  • Go on a fishing trip from the marina – I didn’t have time to do this myself, but if you want a relaxing few hours in the sun at sea, then jump on one of the many fishing boats and head out to sea.


An Easter Celebration

This Easter weekend, we celebrated a significant historical event, the impact of which was felt the world over. That’s right, Monday the 17th was our Lord and Saviour Sean Bean’s birthday.

By no less a miracle, the birthday of another great man fell on the same day. My own.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, I decided to re-live the story of this great warrior. Over the period of 3 days, I sat in my house and drank 47 cans of Stella, as I do every weekend.

On the fourth day I ‘rose from the dead’, before throwing up in the bath.

I also re-lived Sean’s famous Easter story, the story of Sharpe’s Rifles. A triumphant tale of the Yorkshire hero’s victory over the French.

Brandishing an 1876 pattern Heavy Cavalry Sabre, I ran down the street, chasing down anyone who even thought about buying a baguette. Sean would be proud.

Happy Birthday Sean. And me. And also, weirdly, my Dad.

Image has been doctored ever so slightly



Raspberry pi

I’ve had a Raspberry pi 2 sat in a draw waiting for me to build something with it for about 2 years. In hindsight I should have decided what to build then bought it but you live and learn. I’ve gone round the houses with what I want to make with it and still can’t decide, thoughts so far include:

  • Thing to open my blinds on a morning. (I’ve already solved this by simply not closing them in the first place)
  • A typewriter that automatically types out tweets and stuff.
  • A set of those cool binocular things from Star Wars.
  • Some music thing that downloads all the tracks I like or favourite on soundcloud or youtube etc.
  • An ECU for my car (its old and doesn’t have one) or some kind of HUD thingy.
  • Loads more weird stuff.

Safe to say it will probably stay there for another 2 years but it’s nice to have in case I ever do get off my arse and make something with it!



And that’s your lot for today. Have a great weekend… even though it is only two days long this week.

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