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Last week J.D and I went to see one of my favourite producers and DJ’s of all time, Daphni (the lead singer of caribou). He was playing at Soup Kitchen in Manchester, a crackin venue which is essentially a dingy basement with a great sound system, none of this fancy superclub rubbish.  He didn’t disappoint, smashing out banger after banger and even dropping baseline classic T2 heartbroken. A fun time had by all, even the mega bus back was pretty nice.




22 hours in Copenhagen


Last Friday evening my girlfriend and I were due to fly to Copenhagen for the weekend.

As we sat on the plane, waiting to taxi to the runway we heard a loud noise. The little golf buggy looking thing that pushes the aeroplane back had become dislodged from the wheel and wedged itself under the plane.

To cut a [very] long story short, 26 hours later (after a night in a hotel at Manchester airport, a few complimentary meals and an impromptu meet-up with some friends) we were finally on our way to Copenhagen.

We arrived at the hotel sometime around midnight to find that they’d given our room away, even though we rang the day before to warn them we’d be late. A member of the hotel staff walked us to a sister hotel, also full, then popped us in a taxi to a third hotel. It turned out this final hotel was actually nicer and in a better location than the original – our first bit of luck of the weekend.

But I digress. Copenhagen is brilliant!

Yes, we only had 22 hours there and yes, the weather was awful (obviously, seeing as nothing else was going our way) but it didn’t affect our time. From the colourful buildings in Nyhavn, to the street food market (we like to think we’re cool and hip so this was right up our street), to the design museum, to a temporary outdoor light installation on the waterfront, it was all spot on.

My highlight of the weekend (day) has to be the wide availability of coffee and cake. I love coffee and cake. I’ve blogged about it several times. I managed to squeeze in several coffees, a Danish pastry (obviously), some pancakes, cheesecake, and a Romkugler (rum ball). I also had a Kit Kat Chunky on the flight home but it was a right let down compared to the treats I’d had throughout the day.

I’d recommend Copenhagen to everyone, and not just for the coffee and cake. It’s definitely one of the best European cities.

The little Mermaid statue is crap.

Here’s Amber in front of the Copenhagen Amber museum




The Ricky Gervais show


Over the past couple of months I have been revisiting one of my all time favourite podcasts / radio shows. That, of course, is the Ricky Gervais Show on XFM with Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant and the man, the legend, the hero that is, Karl Pilkington.

The combination of Ricky’s infectious laughter, Stephen’s dry tone and Karl’s “interesting” view on the world makes for one of the funniest series you’ll ever listen to.

But don’t take my word for it, have a listen for yourself!




Holiday Weekend


This weekend my girlfriend and I decided to take a short break and jet off to Chamonix, France to spend some time doing my favourite hobby, shooting my bow and arrows at people.

By happy coincidence the weather took a turn for the snowy and I also got to spend a few days falling down a mountain with planks strapped to my feet, and later some skiing.

We arrived at our Airbnb apartment to be greeted by no-one. After hanging around for 2 hours our hosts turned up, a couple of French mountain trolls and what I assume was their steed, Wakkan the dog. At about 4 foot tall, I’m sure their apartment seemed very roomy, at my height of 6’ 2” it was like crawling around Fraggle Rock.

Nevertheless, we resolved to enjoy our long weekend and hit the slopes. With the French organisation and inability to stand in a bloody queue properly getting me suitably enraged, I let loose with my longbow. The screams of the wounded providing a soothing background to the gorgeous mountain vistas and crisp, cool air.

Our final day found us booked into the spa of a 5-star hotel, to enjoy a relaxing evening in the outdoor hot tub. Once again the French managed to ruin everything by providing us with a drunk skiing instructor who wouldn’t shut up about Brexit. It was only a lack of arrows that stopped the bubble bath turning into a blood bath! LOL!




15 Minute design


I thought I’d create a random illustrator design as I haven’t done one of these in a while. I started off with no ideas other than creating a mobile screen for an app. You may notice that the design had literally no consideration for user experience. I simply crammed in some features and text and tried to finish it as quick as possible which meant there were a few mistakes.
So here is a sped up 15 minute design for some sort of mountain range tour.




A trip to Germany


The other week I took my first ever flight to Germany to go and see a band I’m particularly fond of play a concert on the Reeperbahn. I learnt a lot from my brief time in Hamburg so here’s a couple of things I learnt in from my time in Germany’s red light district:

• People at European concerts don’t mind sitting on the floor before the first band is on.
• The Beatles played some of their first concerts over in Hamburg.
• Whatever the time of day there will be #lads sampling the local cuisine in McDonalds.
• Hamburg loves a good bridge (there’s over 2000).
• Germany is doing so economically well because they’re not afraid to charge for everything (€6 for two waters?!?).
• Everybody can speak English, and my German is significantly worse that I thought it was.
• Hamburg is the greenest city in Europe.




Also Daphni


Last week Jonny and I went to Manchester to see a DJ called Daphni play in a dark and dingy basement called ‘The Soup Kitchen’, it was bloody awesome. I prefer the dank and dirty corners of the world for this sort of thing, they are always full of people there for the music instead of just posing about which ironically results in a much better crowd and atmosphere.

I’m also very impressed with how much the mega bus has improved over the last few years since I used it to go to London, which was one of the worst things to ever happen to me. This time it had nice leather seats, foot rests, loads of leg room and nice ambient LED lighting.

I stopped dancing for a few seconds to record this video and then got back to it! (in the club obvs, not the bus!)



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