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If you’re looking for a practical joke this weekend why not pretend to electrocute yourself, judging by this GIF it will go down an absolute storm.


This guy absolutely killing it on the drums totally made my week. When you’ve got this many drum fills it only makes sense you get them in at every possible opportunity.

Got Fills??

Got drum fills?? This guy does. ⚡️⚡️Literally, hundreds of them. Which is your favorite? Answer in the comments! #drumfills #drummer #fills #beats #inspirationWant your own fills? Download thousands of drum fills and grooves here ➪

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Astronauts past and present tell us what it’s really like to visit space.

This guy has built a working holographic Cortana concept for his bedroom. Obviously got nothing better to do.




Do you hate having to wait at Heathrow for hours on end for simple flight to Alicante? Does RyanAir make you gip just thinking about it? Well you can say goodbye to all that (except for gipping). Now that Monarch have made their sad departure from the skies, another mode of transport is set to make a breakthrough. How does London to Dubai in 30 minutes sound? Or the whole world in just under an hour? You heard that right because Space X have just released a new teaser for their next endeavour into the aerospace industry, if you can call it that. Soon aeroplanes will be a thing of the past and we’ll all be travelling in rockets instead! All for the same price as economy seat on an airliner. I can’t wait to see RyanAir crash and burn after this thing takes off!


Talking of airports, get yourself one of these luggage bags and hit the runway. Great for anyone wanting to make a quick escape from that pesky border security, they’ll never catch you with one of these!




This week I was made aware of this WWII training film shown to U.S soldiers going over to Britain to take part in the European front in 1943. Presented by a young Burgess Merideth (who you may also know as Rocky Balboas cranky old Trainer Mickey and The Penguin from the 1960’s Batman TV show) the film is a guide on how to behave in Britain. It’s actually quite an entertaining watch. I only intended to give it a brief glance when I first saw it but ended up watching it all. There’s something quite quaint and relaxing about it, although no real mention of the horrors of war.


This pilot got skills:


…and finally:




I discovered this funny but clever way to explain away the old adage of the dreaded page fold argument. You can use this the next time someone asks you to cram everything above what they consider to be a page fold — [Please Scroll]

If you’d like a more informed view on this topic you can read this.


And on a non-design and completely pointless note my girlfriend sent me this video of a bulldog puppy so now you can all do what I did and go “aw so cute, I wish I had a dog” sadface sadeface.




Being blind would be rubbish, this watch would make it slightly less rubbish however so you know what time it is.


People think animals are smart and know what they are doing. I submit this evidence to the contrary.



The prevailing wisdom says we will be wiped out by nuclear war, climate change or something from space. No one suspected the octopuses (yes it is, octopuses. I checked.)


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