SteadyGo’s Best Of The Web – 1/12/2017


The amazing colours of these coral reef thingies are hypnotizing to look at. Shame really that humanity is doing its best to wipe it all out, they probably wont be around anymore in about 30 years.


The expression on its face says it all really.




I’ve never really been into computer games (except for Tony Hawk skateboarding, obviously), and I’m not really bothered for football anymore, even though I loved it as a kid.

But I did find this story interesting.

You always hear of footballers who were destined to be the next big thing but ended up stacking shelves full-time in Tesco by their 21st birthday. But for a computer game to show you exactly how your football career could and should have gone must be a bit of a kick in the teeth.


And this has to be my favourite thing that’s happened in relation to Prince Harry getting engaged to American Actress, Meghan Markle.




Black Mirror Season 4 is upon us and Netflix have released some trailers for the forthcoming episodes. As usual they look great and I can’t wait to watch the full episode. You can watch the trailers below!


So, we all know I love the Japanese, their food, attention to detail, craftsmanship, and there lack of fuss. Which leads perfectly onto these hut by the Japanese brand MUJI. Famed for their minimal homewares and stationery, but branching out into all sorts of things especially in Japan. They have now released these beautiful huts that can be bought and erected for just £20,000; they allow space for four people to be in the hut at any one time. All you need to do is find a nice bit of land in a scenic setting and you’re away. Unfortunately, they are only available in Japan, so that secluded getaway destination in the Highlands I had in mind will have to wait. You can find out more here though if you wish.




This is great! That guy literally had no clue what happened, this has to be the best thing I’ve seen this week!



Two base jumpers from France, jumped from a mountain in the Swiss Alps into a plane. Watch here.





Look away now! This is the most terrifying condition I’ve seen anyone have the misfortune to be in. It is truly awful. I know it’s the Sun.

Then I found a dog with the same condition!




This week I discovered that Microsoft have developed a service that let’s you to create your own Xbox One controller. Although I don’t have an Xbox One I still found it fun to play around with and from a Front End perspective, the site works beautifully.


The big question “What happens to spacecraft when they die?” was answered for me this week in this little GIF.


The Spacecraft Graveyard




Highlighting the importance of health and safety procedures in the workplace:

I was waiting for the part where it rips all his arms and legs off……….


There’s something about how bad this dog is at catching food that cracks me up:




This week marked the 5th Anniversary of the legendary album launch campaign by Susan Boyle, who coined the following hashtag for it:


Re-read it a couple of times – utterly brilliant but was it intentional or a mistake?  I’ll let you be the judge.

Which reminded me of a fabulous one by Chester Literary Festival a while back:


Utterly brilliant.


On another note, check out this extraordinary opening scene from the 2009 film ‘Secrets In Their Eyes’ – amazing how it zooms in from high above to people on the stands.  If they didn’t use some digital wizardry, I’ve no idea how they managed to achieve it:


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