SteadyGo’s Best Of The Web – 23/06/2017


I love the innovation of older computing tech trying to do things we take for granted now but with really limited processing power and memory. I saw this article about a car navigation system from the 80’s that (looks cool as hell) used dead reckoning rather than GPS as this wasn’t available to the public at the time. I want one…and an American muscle car….Kurt Russel to be a disgruntled ex-special forces operative and  drive me around….maybe a mullet.

My second pick for the week was going to be about avocados getting too big for their boots and causing all kinds of problems. However the news that Michael Phelps is going to race a shark quickly got that one chucked in the bin, the man is already a legend but if he can beat the king of the jungle at its own game is there anything he can’t do?



Ahhh the advent of social media has spawned many a great filter site. Check these out.

Find yourself on here! I challenge you!



The V&A in London are currently holding an exhibition of all things Pink Floyd (which looks absolutely amazing in itself) but to coincide with this exhibition they’ve posted a series of articles documenting some of the band’s audio and visual history. This article covers their work with Storm Thorgerson and the creation of some of the most iconic album artworks of the 20th century.

I’ve also been loving the work of Carl Burton this week. Probably some of the best looking GIFs I’ve seen in a long minute.



Meet Graham is a few months old now but it’s been picking up advertising awards ever since it launched (and rightly so), including at this week’s Cannes Lions.

One of the most well known works by my favourite artist, Roy Lichtenstein, has been sold this month. “Masterpiece” has gone for $165 million (placing it among the 15 highest known prices ever paid for an artwork), and the former owner has gone and given $100 million of that straight to charity! Good on her.



Using image recognition this translation test allows users to take pictures of objects and gives you the name of the object in multiple languages. It was created by a developer who manipulated two of Google’s machine learning API’s, Cloud vision and Translate API to receive the relevant information about what has been captured. Once the results are gathered, Translate API will take the object name with the highest percentage match and translate it.

Music videos without music. I think I prefer this to the original.



Spinning kid on Go Kart

This is literally the best meme I have seen this week, I could watch this all day.

On a more creative note I found this really cool animator while I was scrolling down Dribbble. I really like his art style. He’s done intros and videos for a whole host of businesses you may know.



Perfectly executed, over the top, terrified, hysterical fleeing.

Science still can’t answer this one…



When I get my HTC Vive VR setup, I will probably emerge from it years later with scraggly long hair, a dirty matted beard and a wild look in my eye screaming “What year is it!?”.


I can never remember what these new gen Pokémon are called.

That’s a really big moth right there. The colours on it are amazing!



This weeks throwback!

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