SteadyGo’s Best Of The Web – 24/11/2017


This is supposed to be a hip hop class but just seems like a load of middle class people desperately trying to be “street”. They try so hard but just can’t help slipping back into some kind of pretentious contemporary theater dance. It’s one of the most unintentionally funny videos I’ve seen in quite a while, especially when it starts cutting back to her students dancing around like malfunctioning robots. Brace yourselves:



Here’s an utterly mesmerizing time lapse of a 3d printer creating the fastest ship in the galaxy. I hear you can pick 3d printers up for a reasonable price these days, which is fortunate because i’m clearly going to have to get one now.


There’s so much wrong with these Pringles rip offs it’s hard to know where to start…




This week I am blown away by robots.

Those girls and boys at Boston Dynamics are on the cusp of creating some truly awe inspiring robots for use in the real world.

The Atlas on this page is just so good, so frightening, so Terminator – Rise of the Machines!

Then take a look at what the USAF is doing with drone swarms on the battlefield.




Another study about the effects of coffee.

Actually, it’s a review of previous studies about the effects of coffee.

And it comes down in favour of coffee.

So, as usual when one of the studies benefits me, I’ll believe it.


Check out these cool sculptures made from cardboard.

The artist seems like a nice fella as well.




This month the BBC website turned 20 years old. To celebrate they put together an article of how the site has changed over the past 20 years. There’s some great screenshots of past headlines and some nostalgic web design in there.


As well as reminiscing on web years gone by, this week I discovered a hilarious app called Send Me To Heaven. The app is a game where the rules are incredibly simple, throw your phone in the air as high possibly can, it then logs your score on the leader board. The game has been banned by Apple, so it’s only android users that can experience the thrill of throwing your phone into the air.




I love snow, so with the magical British winter now upon us (cold rain) I have to turn to the internet to dream about what it might be like in a proper country. I’m imaging I’d get to severely piss off all my neighbours by doing stuff like this.


This will polish out:




So this week we had two birthdays in our household. In one of the birthday cards we got, the sender had written a funny little poem about a Paraceratherium which is a prehistoric land mammal. I don’t recall the poem, but I did look up what it is and gosh it was really massive. The largest land mammal to exist in fact. Here’s a pic that compares the size:

Our modern relation is the Rhino.
Just imagine if it were around today – thankfully no horn to cut off so it would probably be quite safe.


Continuing the optical illusion theme, I tried this one a while ago and it is fantastic.
Stare at the centre of this image for 20 seconds and then look up at someone’s face:


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