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I often wonder how falling bit of meat and vegetables that eventually end up in a pile are filmed mid-air, well I wonder no longer friends. Behold


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I’ve heard of the expression herding cats, it turns out bathing cats is a similar struggle


Finally on sad note this badass doggo that used to protect an airport from evil birds has popped his clogs, he will be missed.




Why is it that the people who are attracted to being politicians are the people who are least equipped to run a country?

As depressing as this article may be, it is an interesting read.


On a lighter note, Leeds United’s new club crest brought me great joy this week. As a Bradford City fan, every time Leeds cock up it makes me smile, but this is on a whole other level.

My first thought was that it looks like something from a 90’s computer game, but I think “Gaviscon for Fascists” has to be the best description I’ve heard.

Thankfully (for Leeds fans) they’ve decided to rethink it after the backlash.




This weekend I will be playing my new favourite game, Marshmellow or Doggo.


This guitar paint job goes from disaster to absolutely genius in the space of 10 seconds.




We all love when a show-off metaphorically falls flat on his ass.


The second part of my post wont be for everyone, it’s not a Hollywood blockbuster but it is nonetheless still well worth a watch. Independent Weaving Shibusa is available through Vimeo. Exploring the process, origins and manufacture of true indigo selvage denim in Japan. We all know denim is one of my passions so I can’t wait to finally watch this!




A great white…cat?


This poor thing is probably confused out of its tiny head, look at its worried eyes. Still…pretty funny though.

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