SteadyGo’s Best Of The Web – 27/10/2017


This info graphic shows the past and future of the universe, all the way until the inevitable heat death. Sometime after that the coffeeshop down our road will have finished making the sandwiches we ordered for lunch.


This will be good you smugly think, that bat smashing the vase, the hammer breaking the egg. Wrong you idiot, welcome to “art”.




3D printing has reached a new frontier with what is called the world’s first 3D-printed concrete bridge. The bridge is only 26ft and made for cycling. The bridge is made up of 800 layers of concrete and took 3 months to make. This guardian article has a good video of how it was made.


I really like this gif of an eagle chilling high up above some mountain range somewhere.





Not one, but two (yes, two!) 2018 tours by singers/bands I love have been announced this week.

Both are playing in Leeds, both are in March, and they don’t clash with each other!

What great news!

Brain Fallon (regular readers of the blog will know he’s the lead singer of my favourite band, The Gaslight Anthem) is playing at Leeds Becketts at the start of the month.


And Flight Of The Concords are playing the arena at the end of the month. I’ve never seen them live and thought I’d not missed my chance! But I haven’t! Again, what great news!


And check this out!

Tate Liverpool have got a Roy Lichtenstein exhibition on.

And it’s FREE!

Go see it, you will not be disappointed.

If you are… you’re wrong.




This painting, wait for it:


A nice article from the BBC about people who do stuff very early in the morning.




Netflix has released the final trailer for the second season of my favourite show in 2016, Stranger Things. It looks amazing, and I’m sure it will live up to the first season, Eleven has long hair; it’s all going off. And this is what you’ll find me binge watching this weekend.


Another one of my favourite topics, IKEA. In the news again this week as they plan to start trialing selling their products through 3rd-party retailers for the first time. This is an interesting development, with Amazon rumoured to be one of the retailers, lets imagine this – IKEA products, on Amazon, with 1 day delivery. Could it get any better? I hope this happens, I really do. Oh and they recently launched an augmented reality app too, which I pretty cool – take a look.




In Amsterdam this week, they have just opened a 3D printed bridge.


I have to say it doesn’t look as cool as this one though:


I never thought spoon playing could be so engrossing:


Also been thinking about bad people breaking in to other people’s places recently and found this lovely comeuppance:




Good to see the remake of Lord of the Rings from the Eagles perspective is underway.


It looks like robots have found out how to control our food supplies. It can’t be long now until they take over completely.




These little cardboard dinosaurs that follow you around the room are kind of funny. The gigantic one less so.


Power line workers playing with 765,000 volts.

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