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I found this badass gif of a skydiver ejecting out of a glider, unfortunately this is real and not a Michael bay film so nothing explodes.

Skydiver Ejects From Glider



It’s not often you get to see something in the trillions actually have an meaning or scale. This is how much rain fell in the recent floods in the US, it was a bit wet.



Speaking of big stuff, look at the size of this chain!




This man from Russia realises his rock n’ roll dreams by working out how he can play Slash guitar solos on the piano.

When You Want to Play Solos like Slash but Your Parents Made Y…

When you want to play solos like Slash but your parents made you learn piano

Posted by Music Stuff on Friday, 14 July 2017



Graffiti artist INSA combines the world of Street Art and GIFs by creating what he calls “GIF-ITI”. They are created by him painting each layer by hand and photographing it before painting over it with the next frame.




One of the most memorable pieces of weird tech featured in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory is finally becoming a reality (WTF). We now have elevators that can go sideways!


I’ve been keeping my eye on Elon Musk and his plethora of companies for a while and everything seems to make sense now. Elon Musk has a few new start-ups under his belt, such SolarCity and The Boring Company. What is quite astounding is that the tunnel bore they are currently using is just small enough in circumference to fit inside one of the Falcon 9 rockets used by SpaceX. This video shows how these tunnels are planned to be used:


Further reading on the subject I found out that because the atmosphere of the red planet is so thin most people will end up living underground, in which this idea makes perfect sense. Hyperloop; Musk’s new concept which is a rapid transit system that can travel at speeds in excess of 200mph in a steel pressurised tube also fits into this scenario. One of the challenges at the moment is reducing the friction and drag produced by the amount of air inside of the tube. On Mars this wouldn’t be much of an issue considering the atmosphere is a lot thinner. Thus eliminating the need for a pressurised tube and the pod can freely move along a track. There’s so much more I could add that points to Elon Musk’s determination to colonise the red planet during our lifetime and I cannot wait to see him pull it off.

Here’s a video of a first stage falcon 9 rocket landing on SpaceX’s own autonomous drone ship!




Higher Coffee Consumption Associated With Lower Risk Of Death’ – What a headline! There’re always these headlines about different things either killing you or keeping you alive, and they’re often about coffee, which is something I like/rely on. Usually it’s something quite specific like lower risk of some form of cancer, but the fact that it might lower my risk of death is pretty amazing. I thought death was nailed on… maybe not.



This article’s nearly a year old. I’m really stretching the rules of Best Of The Web as it’s meant to be something current. But I only read it yesterday, and I consider it one of the best things I’ve read on the web this week… so, I’m having it. Any discovery about our evolution interests me. And it should you. Unless you’re a creationist… actually, it probably should interest you more if you’re a creationist, and that’s the problem isn’t it.





Following on from one of my previous blog posts about Voxel art, here’s some more cool pixel creations. Makes me want to get the old floppy disk out and have a play. Also have a go on some retro computer games.


Here’s some interesting concept art for future British Pound notes, based on British scientific discovery and innovation.




I literally couldn’t think of anything worse:


This old ad for Stout from the 1990’s is pretty cool, I vaguely remember it as well.


Is universal income the answer to poverty and many other social issues? I think so. It could also be great for the economy too.

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