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At first I thought these guys were photoshopped into a picture of one of those big crystals you can buy from one of those new age hippy shops but it’s not. It’s an actual crystal cave and those guys are in it.



An extraordinary talent for sure, reckon you can beat that chicken nugget record, Alex?



These birds are a bit thick aren’t they, it’s pretty obvious what’s going on, they even look unsure about it, like they know it’s a trap but still go for the fish anyway. Going for that easy meal didn’t work out too well for one of those feathered retards. The Orca is literally waiting right there with its mouth open. Stupid birds.

Orca goes birding with fish as bait from gifs




A chip shop in Leeds is doing foot-long battered pigs in blankets.

And Frankie & Benny’s are doing a foot-long pig in blanket sandwich.

What a Christmas it’s shaping up to be.


£45 for a castle! Sort of.




Took me a while to figure out if this Australian cowboy music video was serious or not. I asked a genuine Australian and apparently it is, the old guy is their Prime Minister or something……


 People’s fetishes are getting weird these days.




This week while surfing through YouTube I found this fantastic documentary about blues guitarist Joe Bonamass’s guitar collection. I can’t say I’m of his music but after watching this video I was definitely a fan of this guitar/amp collection. Turns out he has some incredible piece’s of history, including the first ever black Fender Stratocaster. The documentary also goes into his philosophy on collecting which is pretty entertaining.


And because the holidays are coming here’s an interesting look at the evolution of the Coca Cola bottle over 100 years.

Coke Bottles – 1899, 1900, 1915, 1916, 1957 and 1986.




I do have to give kudos to JD for helping me out on this one, knowing I love coffee JD pointed me in the direction of Dripkit. Portable drip filter coffee anywhere, ANYWHERE. Which is great and means you never have to drink Nescafe ever again! Thanks JD!


I have been ill this week with a nasty case of the dreaded winter cold and cough (ManFlu), which whilst highly inconvenient did give me the chance to watch a film or two whilst trying to rid myself of illness. One of these films was Donnie Brasco, and I’d just like to say it was fantastic, giving what feels like an accurate depiction of life in the Mafia, filled with trust, mis-trust and backstabbing. Obviously I logged it on my Letterboxd diary. Something which I have found has made me watch more films since I started using it in November, in the space of a month I’ve managed to rack up 13 films, not bad going if you ask me.

I’ll leave you with the trailer for Donnie Brasco. Forget about it.




In the era of Fake News I take it upon myself (and recommend others do too) to get an alternative view of some of the key stories out there.

I recommend: and

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