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This article on an undercover report on an immigration deportation center is a harrowing but essential read.


“Catch him Derry!”


Here’s some sad animal facts accompanied with some adorable drawings.




Look at the size of this f***ing thing! It’s so big they had to attach wheels to the box. If anyone wants to buy me it that would be very nice.


I know Star Wars technically happened in the past but they have space ships and laser swords and stuff, so why is Luke’s lunch made of Tic Tac’s, Ryvita biscuits and Pepperami’s?




This short documentary goes behind artist Richey Beckett’s work with the band Mastodon. I’ve been a big fan of both artists for a long time so it’s great to see both of them work together and this video gives an interesting insight into their creative process.


I’m with this guy:

As fast as you can. #deathbeforecraftbeer

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Watching cameras watch a paper airplane. Who’d have thought it could be so satisfying.

Oddly Satisfying





I read this great article on copying in the sneaker (trainer) industry this week.


It includes a link to another article from a couple of years back that’s arguably even more interesting (in my opinion), about The Reebok Pump.


I can feel a shopping trip coming on this weekend.




Look at the beauty of this site and marvel at the combination of Google’s tech to take you to new places – use your headphones!


Next up – another of those awesome canvas sites – worth at least 10 minutes of your precious browsing time.




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This new robot just got me really scared! Firstly it’s too reminiscent of a spider and I hate spiders. Secondly if you’ve ever watched The Incredibles you’ll know that this looks almost exactly like that huge robotic ball of destruction. Just make it a bit bigger and you’ve got a weapon capable of destroying a city.  The way the legs move also remind me of the Scarab featured in Halo 2, once upon time.


A new chocolate has been reportedly discovered by a well-known Swiss chocolate company. The new chocolate is called Ruby because of the colour which is a pinky red. It’s creators say the chocolate has “berry-fruitiness and luscious smoothness”. I don’t really eat a lot of chocolate these days but there’s something intriguing about this new chocolate that really makes me want to try it. Unfortunately it won’t be released for at least another year. Take a look at this article by the independent.




To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft, humanity’s farthest and longest-lived space mission, NASA have released some commemorative posters. This one is my favourite:


The spoof horror/comedy show Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace came up in the office this week, and I was reminded how brilliant and hilarious it is. This music video gives a little taste:




I was so struck by last week’s graffiti artist, INSA from Paul’s post  that I looked at some other animated gif art which is frankly incredible, and found gif-iti.

My top 3:





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