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Having been to a couple of impressive firework displays over the weekend I thought it relevant to show everyone the largest single firework in the world. It’s pretty cool but I can’t help but think if it was worth all the effort for a 3 second light show.


Take advantage of kids being naïve and not jaded by making them think chores are cool because they are in a video game. Then tell them that it’s retro to actually do the chores like in the 80’s, people love retro stuff nowadays.




This article on ‘clean eating’, fad diets, and the rise in popularity of Instagram ‘nutritionists’ is a lengthy read, but well worth it.


Anything that rewrites history fascinates me. And when it’s art related I’m even more intrigued. This, recently unearthed, 3,500 year old carving of a Greek battle contains detail that was thought to be way beyond the skill of anybody in the Bronze Age.




I love learning about the newest technology, but this one brings us closer to Star Wars than ever before. Be prepared to see the next generation of warfare plagued by Tie-fighters and Rebel X-wings, and hopefully not, the death star! These are all definitely possibilities with the way this is going.


This is so cool!




I’ve done some stupid stuff when I’m drunk but nothing on this level. New goal for next weekend:


There are 16 circles in this image. It took me a good 10 minutes to see them:




I’ve looked at this many times and I still don’t understand it, even when he turns around. It should make sense when he turns around but it doesn’t. I just don’t understand. Please help.


Look at this annoying cat having a nap in this machine, those machines are hard enough to win without some damn cat messing it up for you. Wonder how it got in there?


Then there’s this nice retrospective on the classic 90’s sci-fi satire film Starship Troopers. The film really does hold up these days in terms of special effects and even feels more relevant in today’s political and social climate. Well worth a read.



The other day I was clicking through YouTube and stumbled on this great VR clip from a Queen concert. It’s a great insight into what the band get to witness on a daily basis.


It’s funny when it’s not happening to you.




So this week has been dominated by me deciding I’m going to make a concerted effort to watch more films. This was brought on by two things, watching The Goonies for the first time, but more importantly by the website Letterboxd. Letterboxd is a handy tool that allows you to track, diary, review and find film recommendations. It also has a much nicer interface than other sites like IMDB. Also has a very nice app for your phone. You can follow me on Letterboxd here.


Keeping on the film theme but venturing into home tech, I’ve also been looking into a way to get all my home media on to a single place and serve that to all my smart devices and family members.

I have a TV package, a Netflix and Amazon Prime account which I can handily access all from my Fire TV but what about all those films and music that I’ve accumulated over the years and all those new films I’m going to download, where do I put them? Enter a newly acquired 2009 MacMini and Plex, the plan is to use the Mac as a server and use Plex to then serve this media to my devices. You can read more about the brilliant Plex service here.




This week I’ve been fascinated by a bit of Geography.

The BBC ran a story How much of your area is built on? A hot topic for many a ‘nimby’

The article was further supported by another Five Mind-blowing facts about what the UK really looks like

When we go on family jaunts to Northumberland or Scotland I always remark to the kids how ‘full’ the UK is whilst scanning the endless vista of rolling scenery. I am not for one minute saying we should concrete over that scenery – but the reality check of how little we do build on is a good starting point for some sort of discussion about where we go from here; after all, as the article points out – more land is revealed when the tide goes out than is currently built upon in the UK

Sticking with the Beeb – this was an absolute MUST SEE for any music fans out there: Sex Pistols last gig in the UK, a charity gig in support of the Fireman’s strike of ‘77, two part gig – one for the kiddies in the afternoon and one for the adults in the evening. Priceless viewing, worth the licence fee on its own.




I only just heard about this one so it’s probably not a current best of the web, but is brilliant anyway.

The Swedish Tourist Board ran a campaign last year – phone a Swede.  You could ring the national number of Sweden and it would randomly connect you to a Swedish phone number for a chat with someone living in Sweden:

Some fab statistics up there, including almost 200,000 incoming calls from around the world.

I just love the idea of speaking to a random Swede about anything.  Would love to see it repeated somewhere else…like North Korea perhaps?



My kids are in to Amazing World of Gumball – which is an astounding animation on Cartoon Network which mashes up 2d and 3d animation with real footage. Brilliantly inventive. Every time I see it on, I get sucked in.

They had an episode on last night about a robot called Bobert that got upgraded, but they didn’t like the upgrade and wanted their old Bobert back.

During the show’s actual ad break, they showed a spoof advert for Bobert’s upgrade that is simply fantastic ad copy bollocks:

‘Bobert – let the future and the past collide to define your present’

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