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This week – History

Inspired by the excellent PBS Vietnam War series on BBC4 


I started thinking about history for the first time since I left school, many years ago! I recently heard a Radio 4 snippet on Silicon Valley’s erroneous approach to the historical context of Social Media  – they didn’t believe there was a precedent and believed all to be a force for good – however we were reminded of the salient lessons from history regarding the advent of the printing press and it’s misuse to propagandise and create self-perpetuating unrealities that stoked revolutions and counter revolutions, hmmm. There is some hope though

On the lighter side: Want to know what happened in history on your Birthday.




I’m feeling particularly fragile this week after a fun packed weekend so to make myself feel better my blog post will be about cute and fluffy animals.

This dog thinks he’s people and can hoola hoop. However he cannot.


I don’t think I need to say anything about this pig.


Racoons are fast becoming my favourite furry critter after dogs of course. I hear they can be vicious though….also rabies.


Have a great weekend





Take a look at this stunning concept art for Star Wars: A New Hope. The concept art was originally made by Ralph MaQuarrie who also worked on E.T and Battlestar Galactica. I think the first image would look great framed on my wall, what a great idea!


I’ve been trying for 3 years to skate and this guy can do it with one leg! Major props go out to this guy whoever he may be.



This video showing the effects of cymatic frequencies on stuff is really pleasing to watch.


And while this video is as cheesy as anything, look how cool the giant Lego man is that he makes!





This alternative Blade Runner 2049 poster by Raid71 (which is amazing by the way, go see it):


An MRI scan of some broccoli:


Then there’s this dog…




This weeks blog post is going to be heavily animal themed, I love animals, particularly dogs, seriously get me a dog.

So without further ado, I introduce to you, IKEA for Pets. Now this combines two of my most favourite things, IKEA and Dogs. I’m a bit of an IKEA fanboy, I mean who can say no to cheap Scandinavian furniture? Not me, my flat looks a bit like an Ikea showroom, even using kitchen wall cabinets as a TV stand; maybe that’s one for another blog post. But this is all about IKEA for pets, just look how happy that Jack Russell is sitting on his bright orange bed! The bad news is we won’t be buying this until March 2018 – but that is enough time to plan for a four-legged arrival, right? [Pets – Cats, Dogs & more – IKEA]

Secondly, everyone likes a cuddly slightly dopey cat or dog don’t they, so here I present to you, fat cats and dogs absolutely loving life. This is to be enjoyed because it’s amusing, but always look after your pet and don’t let them get too fat! [Really Fat Cats And Really Fat Dogs – YouTube]




I’ve featured voxel art in my blog post before and it’s still good so I’ll do it again. This one created in Minecraft by Dr_Bond


This weird Japanese candy that just keeps going:




There is definitely some weird fish out in the world. If these lived on dry land I wouldn’t be sleeping as easy on a night.



As well as been in one the largest metal bands in the world Metallica’s Kirk Hammett also has one of the largest collections of horror movie memorabilia (when you’re worth $70 million why wouldn’t you?). This video takes a look into some of this new exhibition which showcases his collection. It also goes into why he chose Salem as the place to show it off.




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