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I both love and hate Ikea (I think most of us are in that same boat so I won’t explain my reasoning). This week I stumbled across a dictionary which explains the meanings of Ikea’s weird and wonderful product names. I’ve found this dictionary a lot more enjoyable than I perhaps should.


I’m in no hurry to have kids, but this Halloween outfit makes me want a couple.

Baby Zombies !!! #familygoals

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Throughout the year I have loads of fancy dress ideas for Halloween, then when Halloween rolls round I can’t remember any of them. The same has happened this year. Might have to go find some kids.




I’m not 100% sure why they didn’t just put the pipe together in the hole in the first place, possibly so they could make this rad video.

Pipe laying


As time marches inexorably on we come closer and closer to building the robot that will ultimately cause our demise, these scientists have created synthetic muscle 3 times stronger than human muscle, ensuring when your synth house bot overrides its moral subroutines there’s no way you could stop it throttling your head off.



The terror continues as this week I found out that we use sea monster blood for medical applications, don’t worry though they put the sea monsters back so they can plot their revenge.




25 years ago (1992) on Halloween I witnessed a TV event so terrifying, it messed me and my friends up for quite a while and to this day it still scares me if I think about it, even though I know it’s fake. It was called GhostWatch and it was a TV special. Check this article I read this week which goes into great detail about it. There was literally mass hysteria in the UK from people watching it and one poor kid even hung himself 5 days later. Yes it was that scary as a kid. I was at a friends Halloween party and we all sat down to watch it, big mistake.

Looking back now, it’s clearly just acting by the celebrity presenters like Sarah Greene, Michael Parkinson and Craig Charles but when you’re young, that distinction is a bit harder to tell. Those were the times when Summer days seemed way longer but those Autumn and Winter nights were far, far darker.

Charlie Brooker on Ghostwatch:


Check out this interview with Mark Zuckerberg on privacy…You can literally see the beads of sweat forming on his face!


Cat confused about the soap suds:



The Japanese are well known as leaders in the field of technology. The below is a demonstration of the latest in advanced AI and robotics development, a fascinating glimpse into humanity’s android future.

Robo Designation: D1A-RRH0eA


An upside down 3D floating duck hologram, just because:




When I was a kid and I visited my grandparents, we’d more often than not end up breaking out the vintage Spirograph set. This GIF took me back to those childhood Sunday afternoons of drawing circles out of more circles.


I’m as excited for the weekend as a dog with a light.




My youngest is a big film fan, he writes lots and lots of film reviews on the site Letterboxd. I have recently been cajoled into posting reviews myself and I have to say that Letterboxd is a mine of thoughtful reflections on movies – and the movie list is deep – very deep. One of the engaging ideas from my perspective is those users who have created lists with a specific theme, you can then backlink to the theme adding your two-penneth to films conforming to the theme.  So many movies I should have seen but never knew of or never got round to are now on my watchlist. Last night for example we watched The Master, I can absolutely recommend this great performance by the sadly departed Philip Seymour Hoffman and sidekick Joaquim Phoenix.


On the subject of children’s engagement with the internet and not wanting to appear biased against my daughter – we recently engaged in UKCAT testing online. I’d never heard of UKCAT before, you need to pass this test, taken at driving school terminals(!) under strict supervision up and down the country, before you can apply for medicine. These tests are actually pretty enjoyable in a strange way and I’d recommend you have a go on one of the online practice test – see if you can get the score required to apply for medicine; then remember the kids that take these are 17 years old – it kind makes you feel dumb on the one hand but pleased that those going into medicine have to be on it on so many levels.




This is a good infographic, detailing how much time we have left to explore some of the most well-known landmarks on earth before they are; lost to the Oceans, extinct or closed for good. It’s sad to think really that such historic locations have no place in our ever more drab future.


This one gave me goose bumps as soon as I saw it, because I am incredibly scared of heights!




So recently I rediscovered my love for gaming since purchasing FIFA18 and I’ve been pretty much glued to it for the past three weeks, much to the annoyance of my girlfriend.

The reason for my FIFA addiction is a certain game mode called Ultimate Team, where as the name suggests you build the best team you can by competing against other people online, competing against the AI in squad battles or by doing squad building challenges, for which you are awarded coins to buy players from the transfer market. Now little did I know this is HUGE on the internet and there are people with thousands and thousands of followers who either just play FIFA like this guy on YouTube, people who watch or give tips on which players to buy because their value will likely go up.




I think my next game purchase will be Black Mirror a more adventure story based game and from the trailer, the graphics look awesome.



That’s your lot for this week, have a great weekend!

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