SteadyGo’s Best Of The Web – 25/08/2017



A group of former gang members see how they’d look without their tattoos.


Knowing virtually nothing about football, this video sums up how I view the game in a nutshell.

(I’ve tried to like football, I just… can’t)


The Shed project aims to create affordable living in vacant properties. I’m pretty sure I could live here comfortably for a few days but surely this isn’t feasible long term?




A strange one this week for my no.1 best of the web.

I’m going to ask you, the internet, that is anyone reading this post at least.

Do you recall a project by Microsoft that amalgamated user photos by the gazillion, scraped form the internet to form supreme highly detailed, zoomable and navigable models of famous landmarks – St Paul’s Cathedral and  Gaudi’s Basilica for example?

It was Microsoft’s Photosynth.

The question is – what’s the replacement, is there a replacement?


Finally on the subject of user images – Totally Random provides one of those experiences that just drags you down, down, down, down the page.




After watching Star Wars: Rogue One for the first time yesterday and declaring it my favourite Star Wars film, I found out how they actually made a real working BB8 droid. Here’s an early video of the inner workings of BB8 I’d say it’s quite fascinating.

In order to for BB8 to roll fast in the Force Awakens they actually built a dummy version controlled by what looks to be Filthy Frank.


Instead of tackling the real issues faced by the western world  such as immigration, terrorism, BREXIT, here’s a picture of Angela Merkel doing what she does best




Could you sum up your most petty opinion in six words? I’d have trouble picking the most petty of my many petty opinions, never mind summing it up in six words.


Nike Air Max 97s have been rereleased. My mate got a pair when we were kids and stood in dog muck the day he got them. They had a yellow stain up one side from then on. I’m tempted by some (the trainers, not the dog muck), but not for £140.



Also, isn’t the fact that Trump looked directly at the solar eclipse brilliant. What a genius.

And on that note, it does bother me that I’ve got so used to hearing about him now I no longer giggle at his name.


Alien rocks?




I’m going to assume that none of these researchers have ever seen a superhero film, the words spiders, lasers and Kevlar together spell disaster for some hapless lab assistant.


This cool volume control done in honour of the eclipse





Deflating puffer fish:



Found this gif of a spectacular moment from Star Wars: Rogue One this week:


The ever wise Ken M on winning the lottery:



This is a great Chrome experiment which allows you to tune into radio stations from across the world by simply rotating the globe.


This memorizing GIF by photographer Micaël Reynaud also caught my eye this week.




I’d vote for this good boy:


As someone who can’t stand cold water, I can’t imagine what possessed this guy to do this:

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