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Every year Nikon hold a competition for the best videos taken with a microscope, it doesn’t sound that exciting but some of the videos are totally lit fam…or whatever.



Quantum computing (AKA magic) opens up a whole new world of possibilities for the computing world which I don’t understand but sounds cool. Microsoft has had a go at creating a programming language specifically for quantum computers.








Old dude makes a homemade plasma cannon


Whats with this massive chicken?




Smartify is an app that lets you scan artworks to identify them and find out more about them. It’s being described as the Shazam of the art world, and it looks bloody good.

And on that subject, this is an interesting story from the art world this week.

It’s fascinating how art can stir up such strong feelings in people, and how context and culture can play such a part in your opinion of a piece. I definitely don’t think art should involve animal cruelty, but I imagine the creators of these artworks didn’t even see it that way when creating them.




If for whatever reason you don’t know what this is, this is a roll of duct tape. However this isn’t just any roll of duct tape, someone actually decided that they would recreate the city of Hong Kong by meticulously carving out each bit. I’m definitely impressed and it’s very creative but this guy has too much time on his hands!


Wow another piece of tech that’s come straight out of the Incredibles, I swear these engineers/scientists/Skynet are stealing all of Pixar’s ideas, why don’t they get their own!

drone copter




HACK ATTACK: This week freak your parents out – mine are old enough now (but still lovely) just to be freaked if I turn up let alone start hacking away on the kitchen table.


Once you’ve kidded out on the above whip over to here and revel in your spoof damage.


Oh the fun we had! Remember when it was potato guns and tit-latch.




Could it be that technology peaked in 1995?

This laptop from 1995 has a unique way of closing



This week the animation studio who worked on Star Wars Rogue One released a highlights reel to showcase some of the immense post production work that went into the film. It’s mind blowing to see some of the landscapes and spacebattles deconstructed. A lot of this computer magic totally passes you by when you watch the film as it’s integrated so perfectly with the real world props and sets, so when it’s broken down right in this way it really opens your eyes to how much work goes into a single shot.




If you’ve ever lay awake at night wondering about the locations and orbits of every satellite launched from earth, this will put your mind at rest. If you zoom in close you can even see them moving in real time.


Sports would be much more fun and fighty with this:




This interview with Paul Ben Chemhoun on Heddels is a great read if you are as interested in workwear clothing as I am. Discussing all aspects of French vintage workwear, from WWI and WWII military chore coats to 1930’s farmer’s outfit; which is a beautiful mixture of patchwork denim.

It gives a great insight into the French workwear and vintage scene something that wouldn’t be first on peoples lists when talking about vintage workwear with the US and Japan dominating the market.




This stupid calendar from Medium — pre warning this WILL be a rant.

Now, I am all for productivity, organisation, and time-management, probably a bit more than the average person. I like to plan out my time and keep a fairly up-to-date calendar and from time to time I might have been knowing to do very extensive spreadsheets for certain days, trips or events.

BUT, what on earth is this guy doing, how is that in any way a productive, well planned and informative calendar set-up. Just putting time blocks in with the tag “Busy” is not running an effective calendar, what are you busy doing? How do you know where you need to be? What is the address of the restaurant you’re taking your partner to?

Absolutely useless! I would provide a link to the article I grabbed this from but I’ll save you the stress, but 2000 people have clapped the article on a popular millennial blogging platform that begins with ‘M’ and the author is Phin Barnes.


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