SteadyGo’s favourite music videos



Young Thug or lack of.

Despite not knowing who Young Thug was before seeing this, the music video is absolutely genius. I’ll let the video speak for itself but heads up, its worth reading everything on the video.




Placebo – Song to Say Goodbye

This is not just an incredible and moving song, but also a short story in itself. The song means a lot to me for many reasons, and I think the video really does it justice.




Wolfgang Press – Kansas




N.W.A – Straight Outta Compton

It’s alright, this.



Cancer Bats – Sabotage

The Beastie Boys were the master of great music videos, so when you do a cover of one of their songs it goes without saying you have to make a great music video to go along with it. This cover version of their classic Sabotage captures perfectly the sense of humour from those classic videos as well as remembers some of those amazing outfits.




Fatboy slim – Praise you

No explanation needed.




Radiohead – Just

Radiohead are nowhere near being one of my favourite bands, I don’t even really like them, I might go as far as saying that they annoy me at times. But they do have some good songs, my favourite of which is supported by my favourite music video.

I remember first seeing ‘Just’ on that Saturday daytime charts countdown show. The concept of the video blew me away, and still does. Every time I watch it, I’m left thinking “What did he know?!”




The Prodigy- Smack My Bitch Up

Mostly because the song gets me pumped up for a night out, and the video is a little too close to what happens on the proceeding night.

The link below is the censored version, the full version is slightly NSFW…




Eric Prydz – Call On Me



Tame Impala – Let it happen

For this weeks blog post submission I’ve been thinking about my favorite music video. I don’t generally watch music videos so my choices are pretty limited. This video by tame Impala is one that got me thinking about the last moments of life. The video is a trippy representation of our last moments as the man in the video tries to hold on for as long as he could before inevitably having to “let it happen” and let go so to speak.




OK Go – This Too Shall Pass

It’s just so absolutely brilliantly creative I had to mention it:

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