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This is a genuine edge of your seat thriller from 1997 starring Kurt Russell. It’s about a couple moving by car from Michigan to San Diego and just like the title suggests their car breaks down in the spectacular desert landscapes of the American west. Was it really an accident though? Things escalate when his wife decides to hitch a ride with a passing trucker to a nearby diner to call for help while Kurt Russell stays with the car and all their belongings. He manages to get the car started and drives to the diner to reunite with his wife but she isn’t there and no one has seen her or the trucker.

And so begins a desperate hunt for a missing wife with some blistering action sequences that due to their practical effects (no cgi here) still look amazing 21 years later.

(I wish I could find a better quality trailer because the film has decent cinematography and looks way better than this TV style abomination of a trailer)


Kong: Skull Island

Despite sounding crap from the title alone, this film was actually pretty good. It looks spectacular all the way through and has some genuinely inventive cinematography that seems to take a lot from comics books, not comic book films but actual comic books. Some scenes are just framed like one of those epic double page spreads in a comic book.

It’s a prequel to the Godzilla film that came out a couple of years ago and ties in with the upcoming Godzilla sequel which comes out next year. Despite this, it doesn’t have the dour tone of the Godzilla film (which I thought was brilliant by the way) and features a brilliant performance by John C Reilly as a comic relief character who is a joy to watch.




Having just finished watching the new Westworld series I thought it was about time to go back and watch the Westworld film, it’s got guns, evil robots, hats and tension. What’s not to like!


Inherent Vice

My second choice is an altogether more trippy affair. I’m not really sure what it’s about actually but safe to say it’s a brilliant film and it shows what it’s probably like to take a load of heroin all the time.





The other day I was having a discussion about classic gangster films and obviously this film got mentioned. It’s been a while since I’ve sat down to watch this Scorsese classic but it’s on the top of my watch list for this weekend. There’s so many iconic scenes in this film and it’s the perfect combination of dark and funny. Sex, Drugs and even Scorsese’s Mum, this film has everything you could want.



I went into this film with absolutely no expectations apart from thinking it might be funny to see Harry Potter play a Neo-Nazi, and I was surprised how much I actually enjoyed this film. The film centers around an FBI agent who goes under cover to infiltrate a white supremacist group who are suspected of planning terrorist action. Once you get about half way through the film really starts to get you on the edge of your seat and you even stop seeing Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter which is real testament to the story. The film is currently on iPlayer so if you’ve got a spare hour or two I would recommend it.




For my blog post this week I’ve decided to include two of my favourite comedy films, as I’m fairly sure all the other films I can think of I included in my last movie blog post.


Step Brothers

Utterly stupid, childish and immature yet still has me cracking up after 20 times watching it. Unique in the fact that I don’t think there’s a single scene in the whole film that isn’t hilarious.


The bloopers reel is equally as funny:



Black Dynamite

Brilliant parody of 70’s ‘Blaxploitation’ movies, including terrible production values, awful editing and constant acting mistakes.

My favourite scene where the actors read out the stage directions, thinking they are their lines:



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