The Spooky SteadyGo Weekly Round-Up – 26/10/2018



This week we were tasked by J.D. to recall a horror story. I thought about this for a good while and really, really struggled. To be fair it’s just not my genre in any way.

However … one memory did flash back and made me laugh out loud – again …

Mary surely does love Dick!




Living in York you hear an awful lot of ghost stories, even the M&S is supposedly haunted. So for today’s spooky blog post here’s the York classic of the headless Earl.

Back in the 16th century Thomas Percy, one of the most powerful Catholics in England and after some unsuccessful attempts to overthrow the catholic queen he was captured and taken to York. After refusing to give up his religion he was beheaded and his head placed outside Micklegate Bar where it remained for years. There’s apparently been plenty of sightings of his ghost wondering around Micklegate searching for his head. SPOOKY!




Myself and 3 of my friends were all bored one Friday night and didn’t have enough money between us to go on a night out or get a decent takeaway. So we pooled our money together for petrol to go for a drive.

Where I’m from in Dublin is about 45 minutes from the neighbouring Wicklow mountains. The Wicklow mountains are notorious in Dublin and surrounding counties because of the speculation about murderers mass burying bodies in the big so they would never be found. Growing up there have been numerous news stories, television series and documentaries about confirmed and unconfirmed murders.

It appears on this occasion we had completely forgotten this and thought it would be lovely to go on a small drive into the beautiful Irish countryside. This was before Google maps so we had to follow actual signs on the actual street. That was the first step in literally the wrong direction. We were thinking of going to Wicklow town and followed the signs but between our singing on the radio and not paying attention in general we took a wrong turn. As it was night time we didn’t notice that the streetlights started becoming more spaced and the larger buildings filtered away for intermittent houses and fields.

When the last streetlight had drifted away and the houses had disappeared we realised we weren’t in Kansas anymore. There was darkness around us and a starlit sky above. And there was a distinct lack of signage.

We sat silently for at least a minute because the radio signal had gone and we didn’t know what to say. The friend who was driving said that she was going to turn around and we thought yes that’s a brilliant idea. So she did what seemed like a 9 point turn and we were looking at the way we came and it was a slightly steeper hill than we thought it was. My friends gently accelerated and we slowly plodded down the hill. We then started picking up speed on the descent, this and the ground was incredibly bumpy and potholed so you can imagine the feeling inside a Ford Ka being hurtled around driving over uneven ground.

We could see some form of light in the distance and we thought we were saved and panicked over nothing. We all relaxed a bit as the radio signal started to pick up again. Suddenly the road cam to an end and we had to emergency stop. As we turned onto the road my friend stopped again and screamed. So naturally we all screamed  and panicked. Did you see him? her faint voice whispered and we all said who and she said the man who was on the passenger side of the car as we turned right at the fork. I spun round frantically looking for the man she said was on my side of the car. I asked her was it a tree or something else that was blocking the road. The visibility was awful all we had was the car headlights and we didn’t want to turn around so my friend tried to accelerate but stalled. She was panicking and couldn’t find the biting point when one of our other friends in the back said I think I see who you mean. We screamed again and my friend who was driving absolutely revved the life out of her little car and we screeched off.

It took us another 20 minutes to get to a built up area where we stopped to calm down for a couple minutes before heading home. We’ve never been back to the area mainly because we had no idea where we were and we didn’t want to acknowledge what we may have seen that night.




One of the most terrifying things I ever saw was Ghost watch. Broadcast on Halloween on British TV in 1992, I was 12 and it scarred me for quite some time. Here’s a clip:

It’s obvious now that it’s dramatised but when you’re a kid it doesn’t seem that way. I was lucky I saw it round a friends house with loads of people in the room. This actually became quite a big deal in the U.K with about 30,000 complaints filed, people literally going mad and one poor guy actually killed himself over it. I mean there was even this debate program about it:


It proper ruined my Halloween that year.

I still get a chill whenever “Mr Pipes” crosses my mind.



For some party inspiration have a gander at these seriously spooky Halloween costumes. Chilling:




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