The SteadyGo 5th Birthday Round-Up




Well – we’re 5!

There are so many great moments we’ve had together, it’s been a blast and we’ve created some stunning work together over the last 5 years – really!

The thing I have learnt the most is, in the main, when you employ the right people you really can have fun but at the same time, together, you can constantly strive to achieve best practice, collectively learn from your mistakes and forge a future where everyone feels a part of the whole and honestly wants to work for the company to produce goods to be proud of.

We have great process, management, design, build, testing and coding skills; really!

Away from the work aspect then … a little round up of besties.


Best Night Out

Jason’s 50th in Brighton – full company exodus


Best Comedy Moment

Jake, everyday


Best Office Music to Work To

Various soundtracks – in particular the Mission and Interstellar


Best Coffee Maker



Worst Coffee Maker






Gosh I can hardly believe it has been 5 years since SteadyGo was formed.

Starting a new business is an incredibly daunting thing to do; and whether it is going to work or not. The riskiest time for any new business is in the first three years, so I guess we’re well past that now, and going full guns blazing!   We’ve got some exciting times ahead as a business.

Looking back, highlights for me are probably:


  • Starting SteadyGo from a spare bedroom in Leeds when it was just me full-time and Jo working evenings and weekends.  Those first few pieces of work were really important.


  • Getting our very first client which was a small ecommerce retailer.  I remember literally finishing my last morning at the previous agency, driving over to the new client and doing a kickoff meeting with them in the afternoon. Gosh that felt like one of the most important meetings ever!  And a reassertion that yep we do actually know what we’re talking about and the business may actually work.


  • Moving in to The Mending Rooms.  Although I’m based in the south, the move to The Mending Rooms in Sunny Bank Mills felt like we’d finally found somewhere to plant our feet and grow: somewhere we could make our own.


  • The Riviera Travel win – this was probably our first national brand win and we won it because they fell in love with the fresh designs we produced.  It felt very special because it was the very first large client we acquired completely from scratch through our own insights and interpretation of what they needed.  It was also something that the whole team pulled together on to win.  Still love that design.


  • Any of our staff appointments.  We have an incredible team in SteadyGo. With an agency of our size, appointing anyone new always changes the dynamic and brings new views on things so it is always something eventful.





I haven’t been with SteadyGo for the full 5 years of its life (almost though, 4 years!) but it’s a testament to the hard work and skill of the team, current and past, that we are still going and doing so well! There have been plenty of memorable moments, some appropriate for the wider public and some not so much…

It’s really hard to pinpoint one thing, I think to be honest the most memorable thing about working at SteadyGo is just working at SteadyGo. With such a great team and bunch of clients it’s never a chore, sure I’d be lying if I said there hadn’t be trying times but they were trying because it’s a job I really care about. It’s a rare privilege to be able to look forward to coming to work and not get the Sunday night dread for Monday morning, as my uncle said to me at the weekend, having a job you enjoy is worth a lot of money.

So i’d like to thank the SG team, current and those that are no longer with us (they aren’t dead they just work somewhere else) for all the hard work and good times, I hope I’ll be saying the same again in another 5 years!!





Happy 5th Birthday to SteadyGo!

I’ve been here for 2 years and 5 months of those 5 years, so almost half! It seems like only yesterday when I first walked through the doors.

The SteadyGoers are a fantastic bunch to work with and we have quite a laugh so there’s always good moments happening. From Movie nights, chess games, music, food challenges and of course Quiplash, there’s always something going on that makes the working environment fun.

I’d say some standout things are:

  • Sam Walsh and I making a film of our office neon sign being made and creating the SteadyGo Steady Cam™ out of a bottle of Boost energy drink and a camera tripod. It worked, as you can see in the video below.
  • The office excursion down to Brighton for Jasons 50th birthday celebrations. A particular memory is me and Sam standing on Brighton beach at around 3am holding Alex’s clothes while he ran into the cold, dark waters of the English channel. I think he was saying something about wanting to “Explore the briny deeps”. A man drove over in a tractor and told him to get out of the sea.
  • Jonnys sausage

It’s great to be part of a team full of professional, knowledgeable, helpful, hard working and hilariously funny people. So here’s to SteadyGo, may it’s future be bright!

Here’s that video I was on about:





After starting at SteadyGo in 2016 as a junior account manager, the last 2 and a bit years have flown by. With little experience in digital I’ve learned a lot about the world of websites, starting with day to day management of existing client accounts all the way up to full project management of new websites from inception to go live. Throughout the whole time I’ve been here there’s always been a great team of enthusiastic, friendly and knowledgeable people around me and I’ve found it a great place to work.

As for my favourite SteadyGo moment, there are too many to name and pretty much all of them are NSFW. Or L. One I can (sort of) talk about is a SteadyGo tradition that has popped up over the years, an online game called ‘Quiplash’ that we usually play in the office if we have a party or event.

The idea is that a phrase or question is shown on screen with a missing word or words. Everyone submits an answer to complete the phrase, and the best/funniest is voted on to win. The first time we played it I was in absolute stitches, and demand we play it again at any opportunity. Here’s a tamer example of what’s on offer:





Happy 5th Birthday Steady Go!! Here’s a classic Steady Go moment from Halloween 2015 where we all decided to release our inner Jo Kendal. Blues jeans, black top and bald cap, it was a terrifying look into my future.





So it’s SteadyGo’s 5th Birthday Special blog post this week. Now I have only been at SteadyGo 8 months so I haven’t got the same in depth and intriguing stories as the other guys. But fear not, as a thank you for all the birthday presents we are obviously going to receive from all our lovely blog followers, I’ve got a little gift to you to say thanks!

The World Cup is coming up which means lots of games, at lots of different times and it can be a nightmare to keep track and make sure you see the game you want, well here are some handy desktop background sized fixture guides from me to you. You can see what they look like below and you can download them here.


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