The SteadyGo Bank Holiday Film Round-Up


Slapshot – I can’t remember all the detail on this film, what I do remember is laughing – a lot – with dear friends as a student. Sadly not all those dear friends are still with us and I’ll be thinking and laughing – a lot, once more – with him in mind. I would say that although it does star Paul Newman, it’s one for the boys really.



First I’ll give you two reasons.

Nils Frahm soundtrack!

Full movie shot in ONE SINGLE TAKE!

Then I’ll give you another – it’s a bloody great film.

Just watching that trailer has got my juices flowing!




Pirates of the Caribbean

This is the tale, of Captain Jack Sparrow.

Pirate so brave on the seven seas,

A mystical quest to the isle of Tortuga,

Raven locks sway on the ocean breeze!


From the day he was born,

He yearned for adventure.

Oh Captain Jack ,

Giving them what-for!

He’s the pauper of the surf,

The jester of Tortuga.

But in Davy Jones locker,

What lies in store?


Schindlers List

For those on a bank holiday comedown, why not relax with a tepid Bovril and enjoy this light hearted portrait of a factory owner and his workers, and what they get up to during the otherwise dark times of World War II.

For the full effect, watch the full 2 and a half hours stood up whilst wearing wet clothes.



The Ritual

A recent British horror flick staring Rafe Spall and…some other people.

A group of mates decide to go on a camping/hiking holiday to the dense forests of Norway in honour of their other mate who got murdered in an off licence robbery (the holiday was his idea, the others wanted to go to Ibiza) and everything goes horrifically wrong.

If you like films with atmosphere, this has it in spades.

Oh and it’s pretty scary.



Perfect for that Monday evening when the weekends activities have finally caught up with you and it’s back to work in the morning. You will feel better watching this film as it is so existentially horrific, you will be glad it’s not real. A more cerebral and grown up horror film than the usual 1980’s schlock horror but no less gory. If you do watch it then prepare to have your expectations shattered. Highly recommended and one of my favorites. Prepare to have your soul torn apart!




Inherent Vice

It’s hard to give a thorough review of Inherent Vice as I don’t really know what happens in the film, I’ve seen it about 3 times but I’m still not sure. It’s like trying to remember a night out when you were totally wasted, which is the point as everyone is off their tits on heroin. Visually it looks amazing and its definitely entertaining, watch it.



I watched the original It miniseries when I was much younger and was terrified, watching it back as an adult it not so much. The new film however is what I thought the original series was like warped through the lens of my time in my brain, Bill Skarsgard does an amazing job as the super spooky titular character and pays great homage to Tim Curry’s clown.




Bank holidays are notoriously lazy times where we all take time to relax and slob about and let our brains go to sleep a little bit. So I thought I’d recommend a couple of films that will keep you as sharp as a tack.

Firstly, Get Out. A great psychological thriller, edge of your seat stuff, and remember “I told you not to go into that house”.


Secondly, The Killing of a Sacred Deer, another film that isn’t so on the edge of your seat stuff. But you will for sure be going, “What on earth is going on here?”, “What”, and it’ll definitely keep you thinking right into the working week post bank holiday. Brilliant stuff.




IT (2017)

When I watched this film I went in with the lowest expectations, believing that the original could not be bettered, but after about 20 minutes I was totally sold on this update of the Stephen King classic. There’s not much I can really say other than give it a chance, if you’ve seen the original they’ll be no surprises but it’s still really entertaining. Nothing says Easter to me more than a clown who lurks around in storm drains.



While trying to recover from a dodgy sandwich last weekend I was flicking through TV channels and this film was on. The film is based on the real life events of the 1976 Formula 1 season, regarded as the golden age of racing the 70’s was a time of partying and minimal safety in motorsport. The film actually tells a pretty remarkable story, to say it actually sticks to the real events (unlike most of these kind of biopic films), it’s also the perfect film to stick on and switch off to. It also contains Thin Lizzy in the soundtrack which is reason enough to watch a film as far as I’m concerned.

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