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80’s version of A Christmas Carol with Bill Murray playing a media mogul who gets visited by the 3 ghosts of Christmas. A fantastic update of the classic Dickens tale to modern times with some pretty dark moments and as usual for this story, a very heartwarming ending.



One of the best films ever made and possibly the best Christmas film ever. A small town is besieged by Gremlins at Christmas when a lad forgets one very special rule about feeding his new pet Mogwai. This film is very, very funny and little bit scary, especially for kids but the gleeful chaos of the thing is a joy to behold.



Muppets Christmas Carol


If there’s one Christmas film I used to love as a child it was this one. Even watching it now it’s still fantastic and I’m not too sure why. Could be nostalgia or possibly the fact it’s got some catchy songs sung by Michael Caine and Kermit the frog. Either way this film is clearly everything Charles Dickins wanted his Christmas classic to be.


Jingle All The Way

Arnold Schwarzenegger in a Christmas film? Need I say anymore. It’s the perfect film to zone out to on Christmas Day knowing your quest for a Turbo Man doll is over for another year.




It’s a Wonderful Life.

1st up – a review:

The definitive Christmas classic, the heart-warming It’s Such a Beautiful Life is the work of Frank Capra, who brings a life story so vividly to the big screen. A must for every film fan It’s A Wonderful Life exceeds Christmas movie standards to provide a masterfully crafted, well acted and beautifully scored in a magnum opus for Capra and everyone else involved. Worth every bit of praise it gets, It’s A Wonderful Life is nothing short of a transfixing experience.


Something quite odd indeed which no one usually talks about when discussing the film. Jimmy the Raven! Please do read on:



Elf has great direction, a heart warming message and a fantastic Will Ferrell performance; but some weak child acting and a bad third act prevent it from being anything truly special.





Not a normal Christmas film but it would always be played at my Grandparents house on Christmas day so it always reminds me of that time of year. Also my favourite Indiana Jones film!



I pretend to hate Frozen as it’s such a cliché with it’s stupid songs and whatnot, but actually quite enjoy watching it when it’s on cos of the snow and stuff.




Every year there are so many films to try and watch during the December. Every year is a challenge that I find difficult to beat. There’s all the Harry Potter’s, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, now the Hobbit(s), Elf, the Grinch (Jim Carey version), Love Actually, The Holiday, Muppets Christmas Carol, Die Hard, Miracle on 34th Street, The Santa Clause 1 + 2(Tim Allen), Charlie and the chocolate factory and now the Netflix The Christmas Chronicle.

However, my two guilty pleasure Christmas films are Pirates of the Caribbean and From Hell, both starring Jonny Depp. Unfortunately, due to Jonny Depp’s recent transgressions I am unsure whether they’ll be viewed this Christmas.

If you’re looking for a lengthy film to fall asleep to then Pirates of the Caribbean is THE film for you. With a running time of 2 hours and 23 minutes, you have enough time to see Jonny Depp, Keira Knightly and Orlando Bloom start their journey while eating celebrations paired with an alcoholic beverage of your choice. Then doze off and wake up in time to see Jonny Depp, Keira Knightly and Orlando Bloom complete their sea-based adventures and live happily ever after.

However, if you’ve slept the day away and have become a night owl then From Hell is the film for you. It is based on the Ripper murders in London during the Victorian Era. Jonny Depp plays a Detective with an opium addiction and frequents many a den of inequity. Robbie Coltrane plays the detectives lovable sidekick who protects and cares for the drug addled detective throughout the investigation. Not the greatest acting but the storyline is adapted from the murders in the ripper investigation and makes for a different Christmas film.




Batman Returns

Not the most traditional of Christmas films but a classic none the less. With an all star cast and art direction pulled from the warped mind of Tim Burton it doest quite reach the dizzying heights of the nipples on George Clooney’s suit but still a banger.


A Muppets Christmas Carol

No Christmas is complete without those two puppets belting out “when a cold wind blows it chills you, chills you to the bone” and me subsequently shouting it at my family for 3 days. It’s a wonder the invite me back…

(See trailer above)

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