The SteadyGo Easter Egg Round-Up



Chocolate R2-D2 …shape?

I don’t think I’ve ever had a particularly eggciting (heh) egg at Easter to be honest. If I did get one however I’d want it to be this:




Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg

The combination of chocolate and peanut butter does things to me. Good things. For years the thought of mixing chocolate and peanut butter seemed strange, as do many ‘American delicacies’, but ever since I first tasted it, around six years ago, I’ve been hooked – particularly to Reese’s peanut butter cups.

I remember thinking at the time how good it would be if they made a huge one, like an Easter egg full of peanut butter. And then bam, three years ago my friend got me one for Easter. They did actually exist!

It was only half an Easter egg, so not quite the dream, but still a fair size and filled with peanut butter. Oh my days, what a time that was. By far the best thing I’ve ever eaten. I had to eat it over the course of a few sittings, which is rare for me as I can usually eat anything chocolatey in one.

Unfortunately I’ve not been able to find one in England. My girlfriend tried for me this year, but the egg was going to cost £15 and then it was about £30 for postage and packaging… they must have been wrapping it in gold, but to be fair it deserves nothing less. She did ask me if I’d still like it, which was nice of her, but I told her not to be so silly and to instead spend that money on the equivalent value of peanut butter cups.

She laughed.

I didn’t.

Let’s see what happens on Sunday.




Mum’s custom made Battle Beasts egg

My favorite ever Easter egg was a big custom made one my mum did for me when I was about 7 or 8. Inside were some Battle Beasts. Specifically the yellow Giraffe one near the back, the purple elephant and the rhino at the front. Best Easter egg ever, it was all downhill from there and nothing has really topped it, even as an adult where I can just buy as many as I want…they just don’t have Battle Beasts in them.





Creme Egg Minis

When I think of Easter eggs I always think of your standard Cadbury egg with a couple of ‘Fun Size’ chocolate bars that go with them.

I’m not that bothered about chocolate unless it’s packed with caramel or other tasty goodness. That’s why my favourite Easter eggs are the ‘Cadbury Creme Egg Minis’, not to be mistaken for ‘Mini Eggs’, which are bloody awful, or even standard size Creme Eggs. The great thing about the minis is that there is a better cream filling to chocolate ratio, they’re easier to eat and you don’t feel as guilty eating them compared to normal Creme Eggs.




Chocolate Dinosaur shape

Everyone knows dinosaurs are cool as hell. Everyone also knows Easter eggs are kind of weird and don’t make sense if you really think about them, like communism or Michael Jackson.

What better way to make Easter eggs more cool and less weird, by making it not an egg, but a dinosaur instead.

How awesome would it have been if this had existed when I were a kid? Well luckily, it’s even more awesome, cos it exists now I’m 30.





Another chocolate R2-D2 shape

After racking my brain for some kind of amazing Easter egg from my childhood I think it’s safe to say I can’t remember any that have left a lasting impact on me. But what did come to mind instead however was this Easter egg that I saw the other week while trying to kill some time in M&S. What’s not to love here, it’s Chocolate and Star Wars rolled into one convenient droid shaped package.





The best Easter egg I have received after surviving nearly 20 years on this mortal coil is… none. Because I cannot stand chocolate anymore (you’d never think I’d say that), especially cheap chocolate from nestle or Cadbury that makes me want to turn out my insides every time I eat one. Sorry to be a buzz kill but chocolate is no longer my lifestyle. These days the only things that penetrate my mouth are bacon sandwiches and full live chickens. The days of being a child and eating chocolate are over. I eat bacon sandwiches instead.



Have a great Easter. And don’t be like Jake, eat lots of chocolate.

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