The SteadyGo Horror Film Recommendation Blog – Part 1

For the next two weeks we will be giving you a load of creepy films to watch over the Halloween period. So lets take it away with this weeks entries:



Primer –

Not horror in the traditional sense but terrifying none the less, its hard to give a good review without spoiling what happens in the film so ill just say its all about the consequences of decisions. For a budget on $7000 it really shows that it’s the idea that makes the film not the fancy special effects!


Irreversible –

Again not a horror film per se but it will leave you feeling empty and disturbed for a few days afterwards. Not one for the kids, ultra-violence and harrowing assaults mean this isn’t good to watch on a hangover.




Let The Right One In

The US version was pretty good, but the original Swedish version is absolutely beautiful and gripping. It is all about a young female vampire who has lived for 100s of years, and how she befriends a lonely picked-on boy. One of my favourite all time films in fact. If you’ve not seen it, go on, go on, go on.


28 Days Later

Danny Boyle’s first zombie masterpiece. Enough said. Everyone’s seen it, but how could I not include it?




Halloween – As we all know, the festival of Halloween is named after this film – no other reason or critique required. Watch it! Oh yes – and Donald Pleasance, why not.


The Exorcist – Super rotating head , puke and flying body routines – great soundtrack. And then there’s the curse of the Exorcist.



In the mouth of madness

This is probably the last great John Carpenter film. This film is a huge nod to early 20th century writer H.P Lovecraft. Sam Neil is the protagonist investigating the disappearance of mega popular horror writer Sutter Cane. Things don’t go well, at all. This is an inventive, mind bending horror film that will make you feel very uncomfortable…in a good way.


Prince of Darkness

Yeah it’s another John Carpenter film so what?

This one is a weird, atmospheric, anti Christ summoning type affair. Pretty much all set in an L.A church as the world starts ending as there is a huge tank of liquid evil in the basement waiting to spew the anti-christ out.

This film has some pretty terrifying imagery including Alice Cooper as the leader of a load of homicidal hobo’s and a really creepy dream message from the future. You will certainly never look at mirrors in the same way again.





The Thing

One of my favourite horror films of all time has to be John Carpenter’s The Thing. It’s got all the perfect ingredients: A great horror location, a wicked soundtrack and some fantastic 80’s special effects. If those 3 things don’t sway you what about a film where a guys chest turns into a set of jaws and bites off a doctors arms? Need I say anymore.


The Devil’s Rejects

Looking for a film that is totally overtop with violence and brutality, here’s a film for you. Following a police raid on their family home the two members of the Firefly who manage to escape hideout in a cheap motel and await a meet up with their farther. It’s Rob Zombie’s messed up homage to 1970’s horror, with a list of totally derailed characters and dark humour.



Leprechaun 1 – 5, 1993 – 2004

As an Irish person there’s only one rule when talking about Leprechauns…


Lake Placid, 1999

Brendan Gleeson as the Sheriff, excellent – not the film but Brendan is a legend.



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