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This year I resolve – once again – to get down to Optimal Weight for the Summer Holidays and will then no doubt achieve Peak Weight by New Years Day again. No fad diets etc. Just starting out from Monday keeping an eye on portion size. May be tempted to try out the Huel revolution in the office just now, not least because the cost per meal is attractive. Other meal replacements are available – I think?




I’m sure as most people do at the start of the new year I’m trying and failing to be healthy, drink less, exercise more blah blah blah. I’m always trying to do that and I’m sure I’ll get there some day but this year I’m going to make some realistic new year’s resolutions and to be honest I’m doing pretty well so far:


  1. Land a Chinese space agency rover on the moon. ✔️
  2. Tank apples stock price at least 7% ✔️
  3. Successfully launch a vegan sausage roll ✔️
  4. Get trump to release his tax returns ❌


Not bad to say its only the 3rd of Jan!




2019 is gonna be my year!




My new years resolution is to finally build (or have the slaves build I should say) my new obsidian pyramid which will serve as my palace and a place for my subjects to pay tribute to me daily.

In reality it’s just to drink less and take up an incredibly violent contact sport.




This year my resolution is to try and help support independent companies and bands more. I’m talking just little things like paying an extra couple of pound to buy a record  from a physical independent record or making sure I visit the local band’s merch store at the end of a gig. It’s not going to change to world but hopefully it can help people who have the same passions I do.




New year, new me. I’ve discovered that I say that every year which by insinuation means that I’m not a new me – how introspective!

I’m not a huge fan of New Years and I never go out for it because I’m a granny but I can really appreciate that most people need a guide and specific start date for their new behavior. New year’s is a great time to reflect on the mess you didn’t even release you made last year and see what you can do to narrowly avoid it for the foreseeable future.

Here are some resolutions I hope to keep this year that did not work out last year.


  1. Focusing on eating better – focusing on it makes me realise I want a kebab.
  2. Being REALLY organised – nothing worse than completely organising something and then it snows, and you miss three flights home for a baby shower you arranged for your best mate… or so I’ve heard.
  3. Not worrying about things out of my control – I’ve decided that I do want to control things and I’m ok with that.
  4. Be happy in a house I can’t afford to furnish.
  5. Get a second dog and subsequently clean the carpets in my house.
  6. Get a draft assignment submitted for my EMBA course on time and not hope for the best!
  7. Get my blog posts in time!!



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