The SteadyGo Testing Process


Here at SteadyGo we take testing all our work very seriously. So with that in mind here’s how we tend to do things in the testing department.

Visual and functionality testing on the latest versions of the following browsers will generally be the first thing:





I.E 11

In each browser different breakpoints are tested for any visual glitches that may occur on different screen sizes.

Then testing goes to devices which are generally the latest Android and iOs devices. The most commonly used are the Galaxy series, iPhone and iPad. Depending on testing time budget a wider variety of devices will be tested on but this all depends on the client brief and our advisories.

The next steps are usually to test all form functionality if applicable, making sure form email confirmation is working, also things like captcha and what kind of input each form field will accept i.e being able to add an email address to a name field or html to the message field.

Full testing is then carried out which is based on the context of the website which takes the form of scenarios created by the tester i.e ‘What happens if I only fill in half this form and click send’, ‘what if I click this button, immediately refresh the page and then click the back button’ or ‘What happens if I click this link, do a little dance and a twirl and sing the national anthem’.

A full run through on a full version of screaming frog to catch any missing images or 404 errors is essential as one of the final touches to any web based testing process and it can save a lot of time manually looking for missing images and broken links. Just a note on Screaming frog; the free version can only crawl 500 urls which sounds like a lot but actually isn’t.

There are other aspects to testing which I will go into further in future blog post such as content management testing.

So this is the basic framework of testing that we apply here at SteadyGo and it’s worked well for us thus far. Hopefully this post can be useful to anyone looking for a testing plan framework to use or to modify.

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