The SteadyGo Weekly Round-Up 01/06/2018



For some inexplicable reason, the day I’m writing my blog post I’ve also seen several weird chicken based pieces of web content, so here they are:

Charm your dinner guests with this Alien Facehugger roast:


Two chickens having a hot tub party:


Australian news reporter not a chicken fan:





So in my penultimate blog post before departing SteadyGo HQ for the last time, I will return to some tired and tested blog fodder – dogs.

Here is the story of a sausage dog that had to be deflated, I kid you not. See for yourself.

How about a Labrador named Fred who has raised nine ducklings? Got ‘cha, see here.

Or maybe a rescue “puppy” that could grow to the size of a tiger? Of course, here you go.





Firstly, I think everyone should look at this bird doing some pretty smooth moves on a branch:


Secondly, I’ve been having a right laugh with these starter pack ‘memes’. Are these memes? I don’t know, I cant keep up with this dumb internet kids stuff these days anyway. Now get off my lawn!





After seeing this video I’m contemplating getting a turtle just so I can finally put my classic 90’s tech deck to some good use.

Ever thought of it: from Damnthatsinteresting


Also speaking of using useless 90’s tech, here’s Toto’s Africa played on floppy discs.

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