The SteadyGo Weekly Round-Up 03/05/2018



Seeing this gif last week of a shockwave rippling across the sun after a solar flare has reignited my love of all things space.

Shock-waves on the sun after a solar flare

After re-watching all the Periodic Table of Videos (which I recommend if you’re interested in chemistry) recently I remembered the guy that produced it also made Sixty Symbols about physics and space which will be the background noise to my work for the next couple of weeks!




Game review.

The Hunter: Call of the wild

The closest I’ve ever come to hunting in reality is chasing after the cats with a nerf gun in the garden, so when I saw ‘Call of the wild’ in the X-box One game pass (you pay a sub of 7.99 and get access to a load of games old and brand new to play whenever you fancy) library this month I decided to install it and have a go. I never realised that crawling around very slowly, listening to the direction of animal calls and looking at poo could be so entertaining and relaxing. First off, the game is stunning to look at and massive with three different reserves to explore and hunt in: Central Europe, Pacific north west and somewhere up in Siberia or something. Secondly the sound design is inspired, standing in a cops of trees with the rain coming down, pattering on the leaves is uncanny and a little bit zen in a way. The orchestral music is also noteworthy.

Unfortunately this sense of relaxation ends as you pull the trigger of your rifle and the bullet report echoes across the valley and Bambi’s chest rips open 200 meters away. The poor thing manages to gallop off into the forest. You follow the blood trail and eventually find this once peaceful animal curled up under some bracken, dead. Upon ‘Harvesting’ the animal, you are presented with a gruesome screen showing an x-ray of the downed beast with the exact trajectory of the bullet and all the organs and bones you manged to tear up and in what order, nice.

This game has multiplayer, which is not what i’d hoped it would be, which was hunting another player who takes the form of a naked and terrified man, running through the forests and ice fields as the other players hunt him down like in that old Jean Claude Van Damm film. Or playing as a deer or bear with a load of cybernetically implanted weaponry (mini-guns, rocket launchers, high powered military sniper rifles etc) and turning the tables on the hunters. Unfortunately it seems like all you can do is just pop into one of your mates games or vice versa and go hunting together which is alright I suppose.

I could never kill an animal in real life, i’d feel guilty for the rest of my days. I still think about the bumble bee I ended when I was 12. Although this actually is a surprisingly good game, it really got me thinking about how kind of wrong and pointless it is to hunt for sport. Watch this trailer below, it starts off all philosophical and deep, all the animals are living in harmony, forest living is good and then it’s kind of ruined a bit by the gun barrel appearing on screen and the crack of a gun shot. It literally goes from a celebration of life and nature to a celebration of death.

Right, having said that, i’m off to shoot a cute baby deer in the face and sell its skin for virtual cash.




This hilarious news article caught my eye this week. A winner of Wildlife Photographer of the Year has been disqualified for photoshopping a taxidermy anteater into his winning photo. The thing that makes this story so good for me is the fact that the taxidermy anteater was sat in the giftshop of the nature reserve where the rest of the photo was taken. Can’t blame the guy for trying.


Ska-Punk band The Interrupters also released their new single this week and it’s fantastic.




The Terror

A new tv series based on the novel by Dan Simmons, renowned sci-fi and horror author, and produced by Ridley Scott. The Terror tells the story of a British expedition to the Arctic in the mid 1800’s, which goes horribly (and spookily) wrong.

I watched the trailer (below) and it didn’t really grip me, it just seemed to be about ships and snow. I decided to give one episode a try however, and I was gripped! It’s actually about ships, snow and TERROR! Lots of terror. Highly recommended.




So this weeks blog post, I’m going back to a tried and tested format – Dog GIFs. Here’s 5 – enjoy!


“Yep, that’s the spot.”

“Yep, that’s the spot.”



Well that’s just cruel. from doggifs

Belly Scritches.

Siberian Husky from doggifs

Wish Someone Would Play Ball With Me 🙁




I listen to a lot of radio.  A couple of brilliant things recently:

Ringling Brothers Circus in the States closes

After 146 years this US circus closed last year.  Now I don’t necessarily agree with having performing animals in the ring. But the reason I mention it here is that for most of its lifetime, Ringling Brothers travelled the States on a really, really long train.  Over a mile long:

Literally, families have spent their entire lives on this train – born in to circus families, growing up and themselves working for the circus and living on the train.  I think there were 3 generations. Imagine the smell.

With the closure of the circus, some people didn’t know where they would live or how to adjust to ‘normal’ living.

Take this poor elephant for example. He’s had to pack his trunk and go.


Rawk Drinks

On BBC 6 Music Radcliffe and Maconie this week – rock drinks names texted or mailed in by listeners.  I take no credit at all but just had to share some of them:

Dire Straits – Sultans of Gin


Single Malt J

Anna Calvados

Nina Sherry


Subterranean homesick booze

Bud on the Tracks

Prosecco and the Bunnymen

Yeasty Boys

Merlot haggard

Frank Grappa

Baby Sham 69

Kahlua Shaker

Dave Grolsch

Ian Jura

Drink 182


And finally.  It’s the bank holiday.  Thinking about some DIY?





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