The SteadyGo Weekly Round-Up 06/07/2018



Last Friday a bunch of the SteadyGo gang headed to sunny London to go watch some banging DJ’s, after a lovely afternoon having some beers in the park we headed to XOYO and had a cracking night of house, techno and garage bangers. Part way through the set the lighting went mental and started flashing blue and red beams across the dance floor which which reminded me of those old 3d glasses you used to get. Now those red and blue lines have been burned not only into my retinas but also my psyche I started looking up some cool 3D art, these two were my favourite:

This one I cant stop watching:

The artist records point clouds as he walks through cities, the effect is mesmerizing.




Well I think this has to be one of the oddest things I’ve ever seen…I mean it doesn’t even make sense. Just what the hell is going on here!?

If anyone is planning a trip to London anytime soon then I would recommend a trip to the British Museum. Now although on the aforementioned trip to London we only managed to see part of the ancient Egypt and Greece exhibits as we had beer to drink and bangerz to go mental to, it was well worth going. The atrium itself is an incredible piece of architecture and quite unexpected as you walk through the main entrance, it is vast and wonderful.



This week I listened to an interesting podcast which features the guitar player from the band Mastodon. I’m not usually a podcast kind of person but he goes into some interesting detail about how the record industry works and why it now costs £25 for a t-shirt at a concert. Definitely worth a listen is you’ve got a spare hour to kill this weekend.




In honour of the ungrateful colonials freedom day this week, here’s a timelapse of fireworks on the Los Angeles skyline. Where fireworks are illegal. This would never have happened if they’d maintained good British law and order.

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I’m not sure how she’s doing this but I’ll keep watching….

frickin’ laser beams

Non-Newtonian liquid on a speaker at 12,500 fps.

Non-Newtonian liquid on a speaker at 12,500 FPS from Damnthatsinteresting



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