The SteadyGo Weekly Round-Up – 09/11/2018



Elon Musk should nick this idea for his Teslas, would make parking so easy!


I went to see the new Halloween recently and it was brilliant. As a John Carpenter fan it was great that he was back on board with the franchise for the first time in about 30 years or so. As executive producer and composer of the score you can tell his influence made a difference and elevated this one above all the frankly rubbish sequels. The aforementioned music is mostly a stroke of genius which combines John Carpenters 80’s musical style with his more modern style which he co-composes with his son, Cody Carpenter. The music combined with certain scenes made this one very memorable for me. I might even go see it again.



What have I noticed in this week?


This week I’m working on recognising changes in the environment around me because I’m constantly thinking about the next thing I want to do. Taking time to pay attention to things around me is hopefully going to help me gain perspective, I’ll have to get back to you on that because this is my first attempt, so here we go!


  • I’ve noticed that due to the budget announcements, there are at least fifteen times more roadworks everywhere. This is the way respective local councils and authorities show the national government that they don’t have enough money, but they need it. Apparently, the best way to do this in order to maintain infrastructure.
  • America is making moves… In the House at least! There is now a democratic majority in the House after the mid-term elections on Tuesday. This election a quarter of the candidates were women. (woooo woooooooo at last!)
  • House of Cards is back on Netflix!! The release date was Friday November 2nd and needless to say I finished all of the final series by Sunday evening. Have to give it to Clare Underwood, she pulled it out of the bag. They were not gentle when dealing with Spacey in the wake of the many accusations he faces and that makes a refreshing change. Although the writers we pushed for time the rewrite they did was brilliant. I’ll be sad to see it go!
  • Channel 4 coming to Leeds. This is incredibly exciting that a powerhouse TV station has seen the talent that Leeds has to offer. Becoming more diverse and including the huge amount of talent in the northern powerhouse is only going to benefit the station and give credit to the creativity that the north has to offer. It is in contention that only 200 out of 840 staff will move and these may not be decision makers but that doesn’t negate from a move up north to begin with. Once there is proof of success there will be more trust and the relationship can grow from there.
  • The weather is acting up in a major way. From ridiculous Baltic feeling winds to fog and the rain that only seems to appear when you’ve managed to get inside and notice you’re soaked. For November it’s too warm inside then too cold or average outside. I hope this means it’ll be a quick winter this year rather than the 7 months and March/April/May snow. Winter is coming… we just don’t know when anymore!
  • Time change. That extra hour in bed has completely thrown me the past couple of weeks. I still haven’t changed the time (or date) in my car, even though each time I jump in I think I definitely must do that. Maybe today… or tomorrow I’ll actually get around to it. For now, I’ll just have a mini panic when I see the time in my car before a journey.




One for our resident DJ Jonny, trippy record slipmat. Almost a shame to cover it up!


Image on whole room filled with these. And you’re drunk as hell.

Animation Tile from r/animation




I know the spookfest is over with, it being November and all but recently I found myself watching Sabrina the teenage witch, not the one with the wise cracking cat. The new one on Netflix: its not my usual genre not being a 15 year old girl but it’s worth a watch!


In more relevant technological news, apple have recently released their newest iPad, which I’m not convinced by…especially the price tag. What is pretty amazing though is the chip that powers the iPad which is a pretty huge jump in processing power for both graphics and the cpu. Arstechnica do a great in depth overview here:




This week my weekly blog post is to simply to recommend that you watch David Bowie’s headlining set from Glastonbury 2000. I’ve watched a lot of live performances in my time and I have to say this performance is definitely one of the best I’ve seen. He seemingly walks out onto the stage a bit nervous but after two songs he is in his absolute element, I don’t think I’ve seen footage of a musician loving life as much as Bowie is during this performance. There’s no gimmicks, no fancy costumes just Bowie and a fantastic backing band. It’s currently on iPlayer for a couple more weeks so get it watched.



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