The SteadyGo Weekly Round-Up 11/05/2018



At first I was going to write about this cool new AR thing google has done for it maps, now you don’t even have to look where you’re going just stick your phone in front of your face and it will take you places:


Then I found out however that Elon Musk (short for Elongated Muskrat) is now dating Grimes. Now usually I couldn’t care less what anyone other than myself is doing but this is such a bizarre pairing of two people I quite like it piqued my interest. Apparently they bonded over a weird pun to do with a thought experiment where a future AI is going to torture you for not helping build it, maybe I need to be mental to get rich and famous.




Last week I heard a brilliant documentary on Radio 4 about the Belarus Tractor Company:


Despite huge changes in Belarus’ economy as it shifted from state-run businesses to private firms, the Belarus Tractor Company has stayed under state control.

And it is a massive company – employing 10,000s of workers – offering cradle-to-grave employment for its workers, clinics, nurseries and holiday camps.  They interviewed a retired worker in his 80s who worked at the plant his whole life and now has children, grandchildren and great grand-children that work there.

The company offers tickets to go to a Tractor Ballet in Minsk!

It’s a brilliant 30 minute listen:


I also came across this utterly fantastic description of time spent vs. quality of output:




I’m always in awe at the majesty of space and space exploration, so these astronauts spanking in all over the shop provides a bit of comedy contrast.




Now I look at a lot of news stories and it’s always the most bizarre that I find the most intriguing so for your Friday afternoon pleasure, here are three very bizarre stories.




Here’s some gif’s for your viewing pleasure:

Kid defying the laws of physics from blackmagicfuckery






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