The SteadyGo Weekly Round-Up 13/04/2018


Usually when we think of satellite imagery it from directly above like a map, these amazing images however were taken from oblique angles rather than overhead which gives a cool new perspective. It feels a bit like I’m about to do battle with Brotherhood of Nod in Command and Conquer.




Justice League film review/rant (mainly rant)

Why does every film these days have to be a masterpiece or else it’s crap?

I’m finding this a lot these days, people just can’t enjoy a film for what is it anymore. I saw the Justice League film the other day and thoroughly enjoyed it. No one else really seemed to like it, especially not the film critics. It was the same with Batman vs Superman, a much maligned film that divided fans and most critics. Again I loved it. As a fan of the Batman comics for many years it was pretty much what I wanted from a Batman film even though technically it was a Superman film. As much as I adored the Nolan Batman film series…I have to be honest, it’s not really Batman. The only characters that were remotely like their comic book counter parts were Alfred and Commissioner Gordon. Heath ledgers Joker was a brilliant performance but a terrible Joker. Jack Nicholson did a much better Joker, even with the silly origin story that came along with it in the original Tim Burton Batman film. What Nolan did was take the Batman mythology and made it real, though perhaps a tad too real. Sometimes a comic book movie should just be that…a comic book movie, with all the daft stuff that comes along with it. After all, that’s why people buy millions of comic books a year and why Batman has been in constant publication since 1939.

What Batman vs Superman finally did was show us Batman dealing with something other than the criminal underworld of Gotham on the film screen. Now here comes the problem I think a lot of people may have had with the film that are not familiar with the comics: Batman AND superman…together? How does that work? Well Batman and Superman first crossed paths in the comics in May 1952 and the Justice League came not long after after that. Batman has dealt with all kinds of supernatural and alien threats in the nearly 80 years since he first appeared, were only just finally seeing that on the big screen…after 80 years. Nolans Batman kind of ruined peoples future perceptions of Batman in cinema, if it’s not ultra gritty and realistic then it’s not Batman. I find this almost infuriating…but not quite because I don’t really care (yes I do).

Which brings me to the Justice league, a team up of super heroes predating Marvels Avengers by 3 years. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman and more. Those lot aren’t going to be fighting gangs of thugs in Gotham City, no, they are going to be fighting existential threats from outer space! It’s big dumb fun, so what if there’s a plot hole here or there, who cares. If you want to entertain your retinas for 2 hours then give it a watch but only after watching Batman vs Superman because you wont know whats going on otherwise and it’s really good. Oh and everyone complaining about Batman literally killing s**t loads of people in B vs S, take a look at this:

Yeah that’s 1940’s/30’s Batman with a gun, he literally went around shooting criminals with a gun.

Stick that in your bat-pipe and smoke it.



This weeks blog post, I’m going to focus on things that would make you just go “give me strength” and leave you with that feeling of sheer disappointment.

This guy’s peanut butter cup had no peanut butter in it, disappointing.


This pizza had the cardboard in between the crust and toppings, disappointing.


This Kit-Kat has no wafer in it, disappointing.


This re-sealable sticker is actually printed and not a sticker, disappointing.


And to finish off on a classic, one we have all experienced, that feeling when you put your last bottle of beer into the freezer to cool down after a long hard day of work. Only to come back after just a little too long to find it has exploded, DISAPOINTING.




This week I found this great website which goes into some basic detail on how an electric guitar works. The science isn’t too mind blowing but it does provide some great looking animations and that’s what science is really about, good looking diagrams.

How an Electric Guitar Works




A friend of mine shared this fantastic video compilation of near-death experiences.  How lucky are some of these people/animals?




Super cool VR guns!

I was a massive computer games fan as a kid and would spend hours every day bashing away on the control pad. As I’ve got older I’ve kind of lost interest in gaming for some reason.

The growing market for virtual reality games has piqued my interest however, it looks really interesting. I watched this video of a tech demo for an upcoming shooting game, and the realistic way the weapons and physics of the game work looks a hell of a lot of fun. I can’t wait until VR becomes more mainstream and affordable so I can start messing around with stuff like this!




Apparently this weekend sees the re-enactment of Enoch Powell’s Rivers of Blood speech in full by an actor on Radio 4. I kind of vaguely recall divisive Enoch Powell stories as a kid, he has that imprint in the back of my mind like a kind of Mosely type figure or similar; deathly, doom laden, austere and scary looking.

Anyhow There’s been a lot of discussion about it on the interweb this week. Whether it’s a good idea or not etc.

Whatever you think of the merits or lack thereof of such a broadcast, weirdly – and this is my point –  it turns out that Ofcom can only act once a programme has been broadcast – otherwise it would be seen as interfering in editorial. That’s amazing to me – so knowledge that any  truly inflammatory or offensive or wholly inaccurate/misleading  piece is about to be broadcast is not grounds to intervene. That’s quite some power to leave in the hands of broadcasters and one I didn’t fully appreciate until this story cropped up.

Given the tides of fake news we apparently have to filter on a daily basis, perhaps it is time for a pre-broadcast version of Ofcom – a kind of broadcast truth filter, how would that work? Whose truth? I thought all this tech we work with was leading to a utopian future but the deeper we go the more dystopian it’s starting to feel.

No worries, I’m probably wrong.


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