The SteadyGo weekly round-up – 16/03/2018


Raspberry Pi

For those that don’t know, a raspberry pi is a very low cost but surprisingly powerful minicomputer. It can control external devices and be connected to all manner of sensors meaning you can use to do things like automatically water your plants or open your blinds on a morning when it gets sunny, it’s an ace bit of kit.

I’ve had one sat in a cupboard in my room for about 3 years trying to think of something not totally contrived and that will actually be useful to build with it. So far I’ve binned the following ideas:


  • Smart mirror
  • ECU for my car
  • Music downloader for tracks I like on youtube or soundcloud
  • Server monitoring tool
  • Facial recognition door bell


Among many others, I’m still racking my brains on what I can actually do with it. If you’ve got any bright ideas let me know.




A recent Reddit thread asked people their favourite Simpsons quotes. I’ve compiled a few of the best in GIF format from everyone’s favourite yellow American morons.




Want to know what $368 million dollars worth of gold falling out a plane looks like? Don’t worry I got’cha.

And then for some down right ridiculousness, I really don’t know where TV stations find these people. This bloke wants the term “pig out” removed from the dictionary because its offensive to pigs. Give me strength.





Have you ever wondered what it would sound like if Elvis fronted a 90’s grunge band? I mean this is something I think about on a daily basis. Fortunately this week, while surfing one of the dark corners of YouTube this question was answered. I present Elvana, an Elvis Presley fronted Nirvana cover band. I still haven’t worked out if it’s terrible or genius yet, but it’s definitely the cover band we’ve all been waiting for.




Lets have a look at some funny combined gifs:

…And a direct hit from combinedgifs

Wonder Woman. from combinedgifs





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