The SteadyGo Weekly Round-Up – 17/08/2018



This week I bring back a startling observation from a recent tour of the West Coast of North America.

The toilet mechanism was very different and quite efficient. The system in use on the continent is predominantly the Bowl Siphon (sic), distinctively characterised by a whirlpool style exodus of ‘matter’ from the ‘pan’.

Why the difference between them and us? Well, apparently the European ‘Washdown’ is supposed to save water – lots of it too, even if not as efficient in disposing of ‘matter’ and maintaining a clean ‘pan’.

But here’s the rub – it is estimated that as many of 20% of the valves used in the European toilets are at leaking point – where a small amount of water is constantly leaking into the pan – completely eroding any real savings across the continent.

I prefer the ‘Bowl Siphon’ to be sure – it could be a benefit of Brexit and I’ll be pushing all Brexiteers out there for this fundamental shift in toilet installations by pursuing a free trade deal with the USA on ‘Bowl Siphon’ (sic) toilets.

There truly is a silver lining to every cloud!




Last weekend I headed down to the big smoke to see Iron Maiden play the o2 arena. Even if you’re not a fan of rock in any shape or form, I can not recommend seeing this band if you ever get the opportunity. You’re essentially watching a theatre performance rather than a traditional live show. From the full size spitfire that hung over the band during the first song to the 10 foot high version of the band’s mascot. It was totally over the top, incredibly ridiculous and very loud, and exactly how those giant bands from the 80’s are supposed to be.




I’m not really one for walking around art galleries and whatnot but if I could go in and screw around with the walls like this I’d be on board!


Here’s some more crazy art. Is this even real?




This is a video of salt growing into different forms when placed in chemicals.

That’s what the scientists will tell you but what it actually is, is the growing spawn of the mad god Azathoth, the seething nuclear chaos at the center of the universe. The result of his unholy union with Yog-Sothoth who exists at all times and is all things.




The builders next to my flat have decided to start every morning with a brisk pneumatic drilling starting at 7am and finishing seemingly exactly when I leave for work so I’m feeling a bit tired and strange. With this in mind here are 4 of my favourite recipes that have gone down a treat with my family and friends.


Steak Pie


The cheese pastry on this one is a banger.

Chicken Shawarma

This one is pretty messy but it looks great carving off that chicken. It can be annoying when it falls over in the oven however.


Nice salad

1 x diced red onion

1 x pomegranates worth of seeds

1 x limes juice

Some shredded coriander

Salt to taste

I don’t have a link for this one but it’s easy and tastes super fresh so in a bowl you chuck the above and mix


Existential dread

Drink a bit too much at the weekend then don’t sleep properly for a few days.



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