The SteadyGo Weekly Round-Up 18/05/2018



If you’ve ever seen the film “Red Planet” you’ll know exactly where building helicopters to fly on Mars will lead…which is dog robots murdering you and being eaten alive by alien insects. NASA has other ideas however, they have built this cool little helicopter as a proof of concept to show its possible to fly on Mars. With one 1% of earth’s atmosphere that’s quite the achievement!

JPL Mars Helicopter will go to red planet in 2020, first to be flown on another world




Some things that I’ve not instantly clicked away from this week have been things that friends have forwarded. I’ve not been listening to the radio much.  Well I have, but so much of the content is so depressing that it couldn’t be classified anywhere near ‘best’.  Maybe ‘best of the worst’, sure, but we don’t want to go there.

Check out this most excellent 50s dancing.  Forget twerking, that’s for novices. It’s like a drug addiction – you’ll start watching and you’ll not be able to pull away from watching those crazy legs.


Now, I’m not a massive fan of Britain’s Got Talent as I just can’t abide Simon Cowell. But, someone sent me this clip from America’s Got Talent, which is just brilliant and fun:


Finally, it’s often hard to find somewhere to plug in the music when you’re in your inflatable pool. I have to think about it every time, don’t you?  These guys have totally nailed it:




One thing I’ve found severely lacking in the usual SteadyGo blog post is CRABS!!!!! As I’m sure you’ll agree. Here’s some CRAB related content to keep you ticking over for the week.

Are you a gamer? Sick of the usual land/sky/space based action? Take your gaming into the briny depths with FIGHTCRAB!!!! A CRAB FIGHTING GAME!!!!!  (featuring GIANT ENEMY CRABS!!!!)



The readers among you are no doubt bored senseless of Jane Austen’s romantic nonsense, or perusing the back of the Dettox bottle whilst engaged in the bathroom. Spice things up bit with NIGHT OF THE CRABS!!!! A crustacean based action horror that will leave you chilled and covered in seaweed.


Do you like CRABS?!! If you’ve lasted this far, the answer is almost certainly ‘maybe’. Do you like movies? Most people do. Well here’s a still from 1961 movie Mysterious Island, featuring a GIANT CRAB!!!! Chilling.


A little known fact is that CRAB!!!! can also be consumed as a delicious meal. Below is an example of how CRAB!!! Is traditionally served, in blocks.




Book review: Night of the Crabs

By the same author as ‘Locusts’, this horror classic follows the same theme of nature vs man only with crustacean based shenanigans this time around. The premise is simple, giant crabs attack a small fishing town on the coast of Wales and one man has to try and stop them at all costs.

I find the simple tales are always the most entertaining and enduring and this is all 3 of those things. There’s no pretension here, only crabs. Giant crabs. Crabs.

I first read this when I was about 11 years old and have not read it since, yet it is the greatest crab based book ever written, and dare I say it, the best book in general ever written by the hand of man. The fact I can remember all this stuff from the book after 26 years speaks volumes. The cover itself is an amazing piece of artwork and the crabs font is truly “lit” as I believe the kids say these days.

It starts with divers getting murdered by crabs in caves, then a hobo who is sleeping rough on the beach gets fully crabbed up (A particularly grisly scene as the poor chap is torn apart by multiple crabs) to a full on attack on the town itself with an escalating situation that even has the army getting involved. There’s even a racey sex scene on the sand dunes which includes the line ‘his warm moistness’ which I didn’t understand when I was 11 and I still don’t at 37.

Anyway, you can pick a copy up off ebay or Amazon usually for around a tenner but some copies literally go for hundreds, i’m not even kidding, that’s the power of this book.

Rating: Crab out of 10




Later this year I’m off to the US for a little while.

To finish the trip off I thought I’d check out an MLS game between the Seattle Sounders and FC Dallas.

Once I’d managed to get tickets – which required a friend of friend in Sacramento (thanks J.D. and Sara) – I started to check out the ground and the local support.

I found out they are the second  most supported team in the US, their average gate is 43,666 for 2017!

Soccer is in the blood of the Seattleites.

Of course – it being America – the atmosphere and build up to a game is full on entertainment.

Check this out! I can’t wait.

The March to the Match looks like an absolute must.

I’ll be practising …

Come on Sounders Score a Goal,

Score Goal, Score a Goal OOOOHHHOOOO (repeat three times)


Paul Fletcher

This week my Facebook feed absolute blew up with the release of the first trailer for the up coming Queen biopic film Bohemian Rhapsody, and for good reason. From what you can see in the 90 second trailer it looks like it’s going to be amazing. Usually in these kind of films the actors they choose can make or break the film but it looks like they’ve smashed it on this one.


I also came across this handy science tip this week




So this week I’ve been laying off playing the PS4 and delving into some new series’ on Netflix.

First up, Evil Genius – the true story of the pizza bomber mystery in America, a man goes to rob a bank with a collar bomb strapped around his neck and inevitably ends up blowing up. Watch the series to see how the pre and post events unfold.


Secondly, Safe – now I am addicted to this, I have a bit of a penchant for a British crime drama think Luther, Hard Sun, maybe even throw some New Tricks in there. And Safe does not disappoint, the story of a small middle class gated community, a missing girl and a dead body all makes for a gripping watch.



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