The SteadyGo Weekly Round-Up 20/04/2018


I’m feeling pretty delicate this week after a long weekend of soaking up the Portuguese sun and beer, so here are a collection of animal gifs to cheer me up and hopefully you too:

“We’re going to the park” in sign language to his deaf dog

Someone maxed out their sneak skills.

long live the king




This week – Twin Peaks revisited.

I am aware that the new series is being aired on Netflix just now and a colleague informs me how wondrous it is! Said colleague, J.D., even sports a Log Lady T-Shirt from time to time – fanboy!

So – my son and I are watching the whole original series 1 and 2 in a box set binge, followed by Fire Walk with Me the film followed by this new series on Netflix.

I watched the original 2 series way back when like most of my generation – but wow – how much do I remember? Frighteningly very little indeed. I’m au fait with the locations and some of the key parts but aside from that I could be watching afresh – which makes it all the more enjoyable. It’s also aged very well, the clothing doesn’t seem that outdated for example. The big dating issue is the 4:3 format – which I’m not going to circumvent with technology.

Finally – by chance – I’m off to that part of the world later this year – I’ll be checking out the local coffee and cherry pie. I don’t think it appropriate to visit One Eyed Jacks – I’ll buy a fridge magnet no doubt!

Favourite scene: The dwarf dancing scene




How much data large internet companies are collecting and what they’re doing with it seems to be a bit of a hot topic this week. So while doing a bit of reading on the subject I found this website which creates an info graphic on internet usage across a load of sites. It’s based on reports from the previous year opposed to live data but it’s still pretty staggering how much data we’re putting there in a matter of seconds.




Play with karma at your peril, here’s some funny videos of karma getting people back.

Pitch invader probably regretting her decisions. from instantkarma

Keep your eyes on the road he said…

And finally, a classing angry motorist v cyclist incident (warning: contains strong language)

Angry British driver recieved a dose of karma after chasing a cyclist down the road from instantkarma




I was in my driveway the other day and noticed a little pile of dirt with a hole in the top which was pretty puzzling. Then I noticed another one and then yet another, they were all over the place in between the flagstones and also all over the front garden. After considering the possibility of miniature moles for a few seconds, a quick google search informed me that we had visitors in the form of Mining Bees. I’d never heard of these Bees before, I thought all Bees lived in hives together but these live on their own in the holes. Weird.

I like Bees anyway so i’ll be leaving the Bee holes alone.


In other news, I found this image the other day and don’t quite know what to make of it:

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