The SteadyGo Weekly Round-Up 22/06/2018



This week for no particular reason I got thinking about classic spoof music videos, and these two came to mind.

Ladies and gentlemen, in no particular order I bring you:

Newport State of Mind

A re-make of Alicia Keys’ Empire State of Mind, but in my opinion much, MUCH better.

After all, it contains the classic rhyming couplet:

‘One hand in the air for a taxi,

Fifty quid if you’re sick on the back seat’

Utterly brilliant:


Take On Me Literal version video

A work of sheer genius.

‘Everything’s drawn and super 80s’:


Also, a friend forwarded me some signs from an old ‘gas’ station in Seattle:




And finally, we went to see the kids song-writing comedian Jay Foreman here at the Spring last Saturday. He was a treat.  I thought I’d share my favourite Jay Foreman song with you…which lasts just 21 seconds…



Thank you and good night




Shockingly as a developer I’m quite into computers. I’d say I like them but the amount of time I spend shouting and cursing at them says otherwise. Anyone that says they really understand how a modern computer (the kind you’re probably reading this on now) works is a liar, sure you can understand the broad strokes of what’s going on but to truly understand it all I don’t think is in the realms of human understanding. They are just too complicated!

The above makes it all the more impressive that this dude has built a fully working 8 bit computer from scratch! What a nutter.




A friend sent me this today and naturally I had to put it in the blog.


I got another board game this week, it’s called ‘The Thing: Infection at outpost 31’. It’s based on the John Carpenter film ‘The Thing’ and everyone plays one of the characters from the film and you all work as a team to try and defeat the ‘Thing’ before it can escape to civilization and turns everyone on planet Earth into ‘Things’. There’s a twist to this though; one or two of the players have already been infected and turned into imitation humans before the game begins. Secretly. These two players probably don’t know each other is a ‘Thing’ and neither do all the other players. These imitation players have to pretend to be on the human players side while secretly trying to sabotage the game.

The human players can try to oust the imitation players by blood tests like in the film or even downright accusing them over the table which can result in some interesting situations and apparently replicates the paranoia of the film quite well. I’ve not played it yet but I’ve played a similar game called Battlestar Galactica where some players are secret cylons (human looking robots) and have to sabotage the humans spaceship without anyone guessing it’s them and that was a real hoot…and temporary friendship destroyer.

Being that ‘The Thing’ is one of my favorite films, I think I will enjoy this one more as the theme is more up my street.

Also i’m totally being Kurt Russel’s character, R.J. MacReady first time we play though because it’s my game so there.



This week I finally found a positive to an infinite loop.


And as it’s Friday nothing says here comes to weekend like an Eminem track translated into sign language.




This week – a moan.

VAR is either rubbish or the officials are totally corrupt.

The Harry Kane incident x 2. How on earth could that be missed without a large degree of suspicion?

Remember the VAR official was Brazilian – heard of BRICS?

Then recall the outlandish doping scandal of the Sochi Olympics.


Finally remember the Korea vs Italy game in their world cup – 2002

All the signs are that corruption is rife and this stuff does happen!

At least when England played Tunisia we beat the referee – I doubt we can beat the referee every game though.

One final note on VAR – I think it would be much better if each team were allowed a maximum of 2 appeals per match – otherwise the referees decisions stand as they have in the past.




There’s been quite a few of these drone sky images knocking about but this one is a little different, a moving 3D image in the sky:

1400 drones creating a moving 3D image in the sky

In other drone news, for those who like their flying spy bots a little more fiery:


In honour of selfie day (which was yesterday and is stupid), this is how you do it properly:



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