The SteadyGo weekly round-up – 23/03/2018



I saw this gif on reddit:

titled “Drawing with an harmonograph”. Having no idea what a harmonograph is I did the obvious thing and googled it. It turns out it’s basically 3 pendulums connected together at one point with a pen which can draw cool spirograph type patterns.

They can draw some pretty cool stuff:

A harmonograph has now been added to my list of things to build that i’ll never get round to and even if I did i’d get bored of it after a couple of weeks.




My son and I recently watched a 70’s classic – and this isn’t a review of that – which was brilliant – but he hasn’t reviewed that yet.

However – he has reviewed a film I made him watch at the weekend, a new arrival on Netflix, Annihilation.

I concur with the following whole heartedly – save yourself some time and duck this one.

“There’s definitely a market for female-lead explorative science fiction fare in this day and age but Netflix’s stab at the sub –genre, Annihilation, is the blandest of the bunch this far. I just found the whole experience here relentlessly dull and far inferior to the terse and thought provoking Ex Machina. With the privilege of flashbacks and larger, more spacious, environments Garland proves he is far better in a more confined space and honestly the talents of Portman and Leigh are wasted on one dimensional characters who are constantly trying to be considered as three dimensional by the screenplay. The movie looks nice enough and some of the themes do strike a chord but I really wasn’t sure what Garland was trying to say by the end of this misfire.”




Someone shared some old adverts with me this week which are worthy of inclusion:

And my favorite:




Here, have some gifs:



I have recently moved house and added an extra 30/40minutes to my commuting time, due in no small part to Leeds City Centre and the surrounding area is an absolute nightmare for anything above light Sunday traffic; but that is a story for another day.

Luckily I have found a new podcast to listen to, “They Walk Among Us’, is a true crime podcasts about all sorts of mysterious and interesting crimes that have happened on UK shores. Give it a listen here.


This rather amusing story I found on reddit about a man who refused to get his own death certificate overturned because he appealed too late despite the fact he was there in person, in court, appealing. You can find the full story with video evidence here.




Being a bit short of time to write my blog post this week, I’ll just post the best thing I’ve ever seen; this happy Shibe that brings his owner a cucumber every time he arrives home:




This week I thought I would share what I’ve had in my headphones all week. It’s a two piece band from Kent called Slaves.

They’ve been around for a couple of years and I’ve seen them live here and there but this week I got into their latest album Take Control, it’s what the kids would call “a banger”. It’s produced by Mike D of Beastie Boys fame, and it falls into about 5 different genres. From punk to hip hop it’s got it all so if you’re looking for something to annoy the neighbours with this week this is my suggestion.

Here’s current favourite from the record:

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